A. Dreadlock shampoos, especially all-natural ones like the ones from KnottyBoy.com, are awesome because they are specifically designed to deal with the issues dreadheads have to face sometimes, like dandruff and itchy scalp. Usually they will contain strong essential oils like tea tree and rosemary to help not just mask the symptoms, but actually get rid of the problem and then prevent it from happening next time. Dreadlock shampoo should also not contain any kind of conditioners whatsoever, because conditioners act as a lubrication and cause new locks to slip right out. Most drugstore shampoos contain chemical softeners and conditioners even if its just straight-up shampoo, not to mention loads of sodium laurel sufates which are chemical foaming agents used in stuff like carpet cleaners, that have been linked to skin irritations, allergies and even cancer. That is some bad stuff. Look for dreadlock shampoos without these addititives – do your research before you buy!

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  1. what do i do? my dandruff is getting worse by the day and im all the way in the philippines and i cant buy those dreadlock stuff. im using a anti dandruff shampoo now. and some of my dreadlocks have dandruff inside..

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