A. OK, basically, since it is pretty much impossible to backcomb them (cuz you’d have nothing to hang on to), you have to get them to dread more or less on their own. The best thing to do is to be constantly rubbing the tips between your fingers. Y’know, when watching the tube, reading, etc. Just keep rolling the tips between your fingers, back and forth, knotting them up a little more each time. Some kids have said that it helps to put a little dread wax in the palm of your hand and then take the dread tip and rub it around in the wax until it gets all frizzy and blunt. Don’t be shy to use wax, heck, that’s what it’s for!!! And again, don’t stress about the tips either, everyone with dreads has them. Once you’ve had your dreads for a year or two you’ll be able to snip off the undreaded part and your dread won’t come unraveled.

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  1. I just got me a big needle (the kind you’d fix matresses or socks with) Put the needle in the dread from below (trough the tip), put the hair trough the eye, and pull the needle out on top (wherever the needle ends). If all goes well, the hair goes “flop”, and there you have your nice round tip :)

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  2. what i have seen on another website is if you have about an inch of loose hair on the tip of your dreads you can put a rubber band on the dreaded part at the end of the dread where your loose hair starts and get it snug not to tight and then put a rubberband on the tip of the losse hair and then push the rubberband down on the dread so the bottom half of the loose hair kind of swallows it and it will like kinda like a barrel and then when it is like that put a rubberband around the hair where the previous rubberband went in. that should make the tips of your dread rock hard .. i am just passing this information on and i havent tried it butt i can see how this works…..

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