Q. Is it a good idea to use elastics or rubber bands on my dread tips and roots to keep them more together?

A. Well, think about elastics for a second. They’re really tight, right? Right. So why would putting them around an area you’re trying to dread make any sense?

Dreads form because of the constant movement of the hair tangling and untangling, tangling and untangling until it starts to mat up. But if you stop this process from occurring by constricting all movement, no dreads are going to form!

It maybe appears to be a bit more together, (even that’s debatable; it’s just going to look like there are elastics around your dread tips and roots, and the rest of the dread’s all puffy…? How cool is that?) But in the end, that is NOT really going to help your dread tips or roots come together.

In fact, your tips are the last to dread anyway, along with the roots – even those of us who’ve had our dreads for over four years still have undreaded tips. It’s normal!

Anyhow, that’s just our opinion in our own experience. : ) Take it or leave it!

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  1. I used a crochet hook to latch my roots. Why is a crochet hook damaging?

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  2. noooooooooooo!!

    crotchet hook is the most damaging thing you can do to dreadlocks, more than wax!
    i promise

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  3. I agree with the last comment.
    I have found the crochet hook to be the best method for keeping frizzies at a minimum and help my roots.

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  4. Use a very small crochet hook (0.06). Push into the dread and pull it in and out so it catches all the fluffy bits and pulls them into the middle of the dread. My hair is soft and dead straight and I have had wicked dreads for 4 years now. when they start to grow out at the roots use the hook and it will neaten them beautifully. I swear by this method and I have done about 30 peoples hair all of them looked well taken straight away and they stay put too.

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  5. Wat would you guys suggest to someone with soft hair trying to start out? im new to this locking process, and my hair is unnecessarily soft. (30 min after i got them cmb coiled the entire body of the dread puffed up.) i used jamacian mango and lime products (shampoo, locking jell etc.) would you suggest in my case that i use rubber bands at the root of the dreads to hold them in place? there’s not much i can do about my hair, i kno not to use hard gels with petrolieum, would rubber bands at the root and tip work for me?

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  6. i have just started 2 dread my hair 5 weeks ago and ona couple of my dreads have formed loops of hair that stick out of the actual dread i have been palm rolling them to smooh them out which is a long process.I started dreading my hair after having braided extentions and i noticed when i first started dreading my hair the sections i had selected started to split back into the sections i had my braids in which was crap because i had 199 braids and didnt want that many dreads its been really hard work but i think its finally coming together.

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  7. To the person braiding to eventually dread-
    Its a good idea to put an elastic at the base and at the tip, every now and then use a lil wax and palm roll the hell out of em (to smooth out the braided would-be-dread)

    REMEMBER THO!! If the band at the base is to tight, eventually it will cause the hair to thin and that leads to dread breakage. Just a snug fit so that it is easy to move the band up and down is perfect. Speaking from experience

    I didnt do this, cause I cant stand the smell, but a friend of mine who went about braiding his small dreads to make a thicker one, used a band at the base and tip for a week or two, then burned the very edge of the tip. He said that it helped fuse the braid end together.

    I’ve been growing mine for about 2 years now if you have any questions feel free to email me



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  8. If you’re going to backcomb, sectioning off your dreads could help, but take the elastics out as soon as you’re done.

    “Dreads form because of the constant movement of the hair tangling and untangling, tangling and untangling until it starts to mat up. But if you stop this process from occurring by constricting all movement, no dreads are going to form!”



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  9. So, I get what you’re saying about not using elastics to tighten things up, but what about holding them in place when first starting dreads? Good idea? If so, how long should they be left in for?

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  10. I am braiding now to eventually do locs. I think I could do myself or get help to help me with the rubberbands. My hair is curly and short.

    Could you explain what you do and the use of the rubber bands?

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  11. Not so sure about that…. Rubber bands do miracles for my dreads, the hair looks very neat, tight and dreads straight from my scalp. I use the bands every three months for six weeks, then cut them out.

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  12. I was reaserching and found that if you take the tip of your dread and clockwise rub it into your otehr palm it will lock the tip’s quite fast…interesting…

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