Q. What is the crochet method?

A. It’s a process that helps already-formed locks feel tighter at the scalp. All you do is take a crochet hook and stick it through the roots (or use your fingers and make a hole through the section of roots), use the hook (or your fingers) to grab the rest of the lock and thread it through the roots to the other side. Then you stick the crochet hook though the roots again on the same dread, but in a different place, like on the other side of the section of roots than where you stuck the hook through the last time, grabbing the dread again and pulling it through. Do that until it feels tight enough, and then work on the next dread. Just kind of twists them up to make them tight, pulling them through themselves. Hope that makes sense, and if it doesn’t, don’t email me for a better explanation because that’s the best way I can explain it to you without you actually seeing it done on someone!

A. SOME OTHER ROOT SOLUTIONS: (The following have not been tested by the dreadlocks.org writers, so don’t email us about these methods!)

“I’ve got the perfect way to get the roots dreaded. If you take a small piece of string and tie it TIGHTLY at the very root of your dread, it will help the dread process a great deal. Especially if you use some Knotty Boy dread wax along wit da strings. TIP: use a string that is the same color as your hair (almost invisible that way).”


A: Some people have put plastic beads over the roots…they look cute and really help to tighten them up and keep them together! They aren’t tight and restricting like elastics, either.

“Just a little tip I found off the net… I read that a great way to lock up your roots without having to crochet ’em or put elastics or thread in ’em was to take your index finger and middle finger and just to rub the dread clockwise for about 5 – 10 min. It seemed to work for me. It may be a pain in the ass at first and your fingers usually get cramped after like doing one or two dreads. But if you do the one at a time or get a few friends to help you out it works great.”


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