Q. I dreaded my hair about a month ago and haven’t washed since. I thought they were doing fine but they all came loose today after I went swimming. Are dreads really that delicate or am I doing something wrong? I have short Asian hair (straight, 3.5 inches long), maybe I need to backcomb it/knot it up more?

A. Nope, that’s normal with new dreads. Four weeks is not very long for you to have them in, and especially with short, thick, straight hair you can expect it to take a bit longer for them to actually start locking up. Swimming in chlorine or salt water actually helps to get dreads to tighten. Sitting out in the sun afterwards really helps them to tighten up lots, too! But don’t worry about them too much, sounds like you’re doing everything right – if you use dread wax, just wax them up again after you swim or wash your hair, after they have completely dried. This will help bind them back up together and keep them on track.

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