Q. I cut my dreads open and found greasy crap in it!

A. If you are talking about a greasy mess, then you probably created your dreadlocks the wrong way. Either you used too much wax or gel or you have not allowed your locs to dry after washing them. The hair products are not the problem here, it is the use of them, and the care afterwards.

Despite what you may read elsewhere, all dreadlocks have some amount of hair product, skin flakes, and skin oil in them. This is simply a fact of having matted hair on your head.

There is no such thing as a “residue free soap”. However there are certainly soaps that leave less residue – this is why it is important to use all natural ingredients in your hair products. Wash as often as you can, and DRY YOUR DREADLOCKS. Use a hair dryer!

If your dreads are too greasy to fix, then pick them out and start over. Use a quality, all natural gel or wax to create your dreads, then wash often and DRY YOUR DREADLOCKS.

If your hair is just a little greasy, soak them in hot water to help loosen anything out of them, then wash them deeply with a NATURAL soap. Then dry them out as best you can – use a hair dryer, this is very imrportant. Other than that –  don’t worry about it too much – that is just the way it is when you have dreadlocks.

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  1. there is no answer here to the question that brought me here. how do i get the white flakes outta my dark dreads?
    Jah be Praised!

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    • yes PRAISE JAH!!!!

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  2. I have the same problem. I tried dying my hair only to see it more. I pick some of it out. I feels like tissue paper. I thought maybe it is from the towels I used when I dry my hair after washing it. Anyway I keep picking but its a loosing fight but I keep doing it. I live my dread. such freedom.

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  3. There’s these white stuff in my locks and i cnt seem to get them out, its jus at the back of my hair and its grossing the hell out of me! Can someone please help please????

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    • Honestly, your problem sounds more to me like dandruff than anything. Go Wikipedia it if you can, but if you can’t, I’ll break it down for you.
      Dandruff is just old, dead skin flaking off of your scalp. It affects over half the human population over many ethnic groups, and is not usually something to be worried about (if it starts appearing in large amounts and your scalp feels sore, please see doctor). Usual causes (besides genetics) are allergies, not washing well enough, using too much shampoo, sensitivity to any hair products you’re using, dry skin, and a few diseases. Ways to make it stop include using different shampoos, antifungals, and coal tar (not recommended for dreads). Hope this helps!

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  4. Sea salt dries out your dreads and leaves your scalp dry and itchy, if you dont wash them after being in the sea they can go gritty because the salt will sit in your hair. If you are going to wash them make sure all the shampoo is washed out and dry them with a hair dryer. They will take a while to dry I go back to them several times giving them a blast with the dryer until they are compleatly dry. This not only removes any chance of them going mouldy or “caking up” but by drying them well it helps them hold the lovely smell of the shampoo.
    People also say use “special dread shampoos” because they wont leave a residue, its rubbish they say this to sell their products to you, dont forget they sell gels and wax which is basicly rubbing pure residue into your hair!
    I use normal nice smelling shampoo and make sure i swill it out properly and then make sure they are dried properly. My dreads are clean with no grease.
    I have been doing this for 4 years so it is tried and tested, I definatly recomend it :)

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  5. is sea salt good for your dreads??

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  6. I found this while looking around for dreading tips…and i helped my friend do it to his dreads and it worked really well to get all the gross stuff out!

    Hope it helps you guys :)


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  7. as my locks have grown longer and longer i have started to follow and practice rastafarianism. one thing that i have learned from my elders and from different readings is that the locks is like a tree or like the mane of a lion. The tree has some leafs that are eaten away by caterpillars and many other bugs and things like that. its bark might even be carved into and it might be slightly “scarred”. still, the tree stands strong and grows tall and provides many different living things with a home as well as oxygen for the earth. the lion may get dirt and things such as this in his hair. the lion is still king of africa, strong and filled with pride. he is a mighty beast that protects his tribe until death. his mane is a symbol of this power. to cut that, would take away much of his strength.

    peace and love…worry not.


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  8. I know how you feel. I am experiencing the same thing and have often thought about restarting my locs now that I am wiser about the whole process. However- what a process it has been for the last five yrs- Im not sure if I am grossed out enough to start alll over again as I started with practically a baldy and now my hair is down my back. once in a while though if I see the “stuff” I have a bad habbit of picking -in fact alot of my tips are unraveled from doing just that- but it still looks fine cause my hair just curls up at the tips now. I don’t think my problem -and probably not yours either is as excessive though- cause i seen really “caked-up” looking dreads just from a glance- ya know- not even really examining like we probably do with our own locs.

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