Q. The dread wax I have works like the bomb, but I got a question: My hair is shortish (maybe 3.5, 4 inches) and it seems to be sticking straight upon top and out on the sides. Is this a temporary thing or did I use too much wax?

A. Nope, this is normal with short hair. You have to grab onto something when you are backcombing that section, and the hair you’re left hanging onto turns into this twisty spike. As your dreads get longer and thicker, that will either go away or you can trim it off. But they won’t stick up forever.

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  1. how long is the shotest hair that can be dread?? because my hair is 3 inches only? is that can be dread ?

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  2. i have a dirty blonde hair color, and its about 6 to 7 inches long and i really want to dread ,,, i just don’t want it to look completely stupid with dreads sticking up everywhere and what not? a few questions<
    what length do they start laying down? and how much do they shrink???

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  4. I would like to start locking my hair. It is soft and fine, how would I start?

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  5. I want short dreads, and i need to know what to put in my hair to lock them. I use bee’s wax, and i twist my hair. It works, but some are starting to come out. Then i re-twist them again (very difficult). What do i do? Oh and my hair length is about 2 maybe 3 inches.

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  6. no this is not good for starting dreads you should let your daughters twisties just breath

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  7. I just recently had my daughters hair locked and after in was all twisted we put it in groups of five and wrapped it together in a cute knot type ball on her head it really does look very cute, my question is – is this ok for it locking, I make sure that I keep it tight by checking the knots and tighting them….Hope this makes sense…she is very excited about them locking and getting to hang. I was told to keep it like that was at least two months or so, is this valid….Help……..

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  8. heyy i wanna start dreads but im unsure how to.
    i have blond hair and my hair is just going over my eyes and is over my ears is that a good length for dreads and how do i make them and do i keep washing my hair what??

    and what will i need to make them?

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  10. I want to start locking my hair but its only about two inches long and its soft. Will I be able to lock it at that length and texture? Also what hair products will I need?

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  11. why do my dreads stick together?

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    • YOUR DREADS STIck together becasue you have to seperate them

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  12. ya i wonna get dreads but my hair is anywheres from 3 to 5 inchs and i wont lik alota dreads in muh hair but my hair is curly and stuff so if anyone has advice add me on msn rasta-boarder-bum@msn.com

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  13. Welll ummmm. i want to start dreads.. umm a girl and i have short hair with a perm.. but am just wanna know how start

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  14. Dave

    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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  15. i am wanting to get dreads with a mate, but what is the minimum hair length for them?? my other question is do you know anywhere in north wales that does them as i do not know!??

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