Q. Is it true that if I make smaller, skinnier dreads now, that they will grow together into bigger ones in the future?

A. Yep, they’ll definitely thicken up. See, all those hairs that swirl around in gross clumps in the tub after your shower will still be falling out of your head every day, BUT they’re just staying in the dreads. Therefore, after a few months or so, you’ll notice that they are starting to get thicker, and this is the reason why.

If you prefer thin dreads, start thin and they won’t get huge or anything, just a bit fatter. You can ALWAYS cut them down the middle if they get too fat.

But don’t start too thin! Hair is always breaking and retangling and regrowing, and you don’t want your dreads to be so thin that they start breaking off, eek!

Just use your judgment; one finger wide is usually a good guide.

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  1. hello there,
    i’ve just done the back side of my head, i wanted my dreads a bit thick and who’s doing them said thin were better, so we went on a half way size, although i thought to have lots of hair they are so few (10 on the whole back side) and they dont look that thick. what should i do, should i do the rest thinner so there will be more dreads or keep the size and hope as they get thicker the visible skin of my head will be cover?

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  2. I’ve had my dreads for 4 months now and there isn’t any growth.
    Will they start to grow faster?

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  3. I recently started my dreads & I have about 70 or so.. But my concern is should I have more the that & does they way it’s parted matter.?

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  4. Hi,

    I have been loc’n my hair for the past 4 months. I started on about 7 1’2 inchs of not too thick not too thin natural hair. My hair is course but really soft for some odd reason. Anyways, I was wondering at this stage of my journey, knowing that I started on what would be considered typically long hair, should I be concerned about the thickness of my locs? I went to a hair stylist to start them, not a loctician. They seem really thick and full before a retwist, but after a fresh one they seem a bit stringy. At 4 months should I be worried about them? Will they thicken up more than they are now, or should I be concerned?

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  5. When I am doing the twist and pull on my dreads I can’t really get the ends to come together, they just fray out and are not eve knotted together. It’s like an inch worth of not binded hairs.

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  6. What should I do if my twists come undone, I just got my dreads started with comb coils. I have mixed hair so its little kinky and some wavy. I go back in 3 weeks from today to get them retwisted.

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  7. Hi :) I just had my hair loc’d a week ago my location used locking gel to install them but I’ve since done research and have a couple of questions
    1.Is it okay if I switch from loc’n gel to homemade aloe vera gel
    2.Is it possible to increase my number of locs I currently have 50 I would like 70

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  8. If I want to get into the modeling business, what size of dreads should I begin with? Will they go with my shmize?

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  9. I have grown locks and the tips are bigger than the roots and always worried that its will one day get torn.What will i do to prevent that?

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  10. Hey I have braidlocs but there really thin because my original braids were but not that long but does that mean when they get longer there eventually gonna fall out?

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  11. Hi :) ive had dreads before but a mate had messed them up doing it but told me it would come right and they obviously never did so When I brushed them out my hair got super thin. I just recently gotten them redone but only have 20 and they not really thick but will they get thicker and be able to split over time?

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    • When the twist are short they can tend to be thin but thats not a disadvantage becauseover time the twist will grow and become thicker with new growth being added to them as they become more mature and enter into a lock phase. Plus when they lock up you will be able to wash them: use shampoo lock or dread related products mainly organic blends, after twist esch with organic mix of wax or gel for locks with clips if they have been locked up for up to six to ten months then put them a half an inch after six months and an inch after ten, next use a blow dryer to completely dry for up to 30 minutes; make sure you go around your entire head so that they can stay together for up to 2 hours.

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  12. You guys are so useful!

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  13. hi, I’m 18 years old and I’m planning to start my lock journey next few months and I have really rough hair. I’m African American and my hair is knotty if I don’t comb it for about a week when I try to comb it, it seems almost impossible to comb. I was wondering if that is a good sign or not for locking? will my hair lock fast? and also I want my dreads to be the exact size of chief keefs dreads. what size would you call that? small or medium? also my hair is VERY thick and black. at 1 inch of hair you cannot see my scalp at all.

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    • AyTo kyle johnson
      Dont worry, your hair being knotted and hard to comb is actually not a bad thing. The only thing to worry about is washing your scalp atleast 2 times a week so that your scalp is clean for strong healthy locks. Make sure the first time you get them twisted that they’re done by a professional so that the roots start of evenly parted and not to thin or unsymetrical.. When they are in the twist stage let them stay in for 2 or 3 months if posible. After get them retwisted, this process can take up to 7 months after the months of letting the twist stay in.. The roots are the most important, and also dont bother them after they are completely retwisted.

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