If anyone knows of a good directory that lists salons who offer dreadlocking services, please post it in the comments of this post. I will included it – many people have requested this.


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  1. I’m looking for somebody to put dreadlocks in my hair near pa email at ajrobinson9311@Gmail.com

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  2. I live in NW arkansas and I need to know where to get my dreads done at please help

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  3. Iam looking for a salon that palmrolls locks in the Middletown NY area,

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  4. I’m looking for salon near Pittsburgh pa that does starter dreads with different methods

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  5. HI I’m looking for a Dreadlock salon near Hermiston, Oregon. HELPP PLEASEEE

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  6. What about near Knoxville, Tennessee? I’m willing to go out of state to have someone do my dreadlocks

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  7. NNobi of Nnobi’s Natural Nack a mobile stylist in Philadelphia Pa. 1-215-844-8680
    does crochet,palmroll and latch method

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  9. Hi, Im looking for a dreadlock salon near SEATTLE WASHINGTON to begin my dread journey. Anyone know of anywhere I can go?

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  10. hi does someone know a dread shop for maintenance in köln , germany or eastern belgium area?

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