When I start dreads for someone, I typically won’t see them until their first maintenance appointment – usually at around the three month mark. Today I had the opportunity to poke around in Kate’s lovely locks, only one month old. (This was especially nice of her, since she actually showed up to get her bangs trimmed.) I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you folks an update on salon-started dreadlocks, 30 days later!
If you click the link above to Kate’s first-day locks, you’ll see that just like I always promise, they’re laying much flatter to her head than when just completed. The areas in between the dreads have filled in as well – no more soccer-ball grid! With a bit more damp palmrolling, these are going to felt up beautifully – they’re halfway there, at just a month! Best of all – she loves them! Doesn’t get any better than that.

Cross Post from: Scissor Ninja. A specialist in dreadlocks, synthetic dreads, and hair extensions, Kris spends her days rocking out killer hair from behind the chair at the Knotty Boy salon.

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