Q. I was wondering if it is possible to do it alone? Time is not an issue.

A. No, you don’t need another person to dread up your hair. But it REALLY, REALLY helps. It’s very tiring to try and reach around to the back of your head for long periods of time, you know? Try and get someone to help if possible, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I’m a 15 year old female, I’ve mentioned to my parents that I want to have dreads, and I do my research and I’m still really really into getting them. My parents just aren’t that cool with it and they are pretty against it. A lot of my friends with dreads say just to do it, and its what you want to do with your body, and if it makes you happier then I should get them. And I completely follow that, I’d deifiently be happier looking in the mirror. Which way is the way to go?

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  2. Possible? Yes.
    Suggested? No.

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  3. What is backcombing?

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    • You know when you brush your hair, and you brush down to get the knots out?
      Back-combing is the complete opposite, you brush up-wards to knot the hair up, And it’s for sure one of the most effective ways to make dreads.

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  4. I started 3 weeks ago.
    1st weekend my girlfriend and I spent a total of 12 hours sectioning and using the backcombing method with minimal wax.
    2 weeks, I washed them. The sections were still there and most of them were starting to form, but needed tending. Last night we spent 7hours redefining the sections, making each dread tighter and pushed towards the roots, as well as adding some elastic bands. I work with a few other people with dreads and theyve already mentioned it looks like i am much further along in the process… and yes that youll be spending much time on them.

    I will say this, PATIENCE is a must.. and has been so far. I have very curly hair, grew my hair for less than a year, and had a fairly nice sized fro. 3 weeks now, a lot of tending to my hair and I can already feel the dreads forming very tightly.
    I still need to spend more time on my tips and rolling each dread.

    You can always spend a day at a salon and lots of money to get the process started. I personally think that is a bad idea… since every so often you need to do maintenance on them, unless you have more money and time to get that done too.

    Side note: I hear the first 4-6 months is when youll spend the most time. Once they start dreading on their own, its up to you how clean of a look you want with dreads. With me, I am in the “Corporate America” world, and I need to have them look as defined as possible, and I expect to spend a good 2-4 hours another 2 weeks from now or once all these bands have worn off, then projected 1-2 hours every other week maintaining them.

    I highly suggest wrapping your hair before bed, or something to hold your hair. I usually toss and turn during the night, and I resorted to getting a headband that holds my hair up in a vertical position (its funny when i wake up, i look like the slim jim guy from the commercial).

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  5. I am thinking about locking my hair but I am afraid that it will just be too much work! My purpose in wanting to lock in the first place is because I am getting irritated with my hair. I have been a full grown natural for about three years now and it’s just getting tiring. I really want to get me some beautiful locks but I don’t have time to regret this decision.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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    • I think you should defiently go for it, if you have them and you don’t like them, you can always have them removed. And getting them removed doesn’t mean you have to shave your head or cut them all off, it’s all your decision. And yeah, it takes maintence for a certain period of time depending on your hair. But if you think about it, it takes a lot more maintence with non-dreaded hair, and that you have to take care of everyday. Eventually with dreads, they just do there own thing and you wont have to do much but wash them. And you get to decorate them with beads and what not! Haha.

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  6. Yes, you can dread you own hair. I did mines this month on the 3rd of October. And people already telling me it looks amazing. I two strand my hair which was twisting it. It’s holding pretty well I have natural hair and it seems like it’s already locking at the roots already. And today is the 4th lol. I have to retwist the roots again very soon because of my new growth. As long as you take care of your hair and take some breaks when you are getting tired. It’s good to also listen to music and dread your hair.

    Good Luck on the journey!

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  7. I have done my dreads completely by myself and they are looking great. i did a few at a time. i started with the center of my pony tail and worked my way out. I waited a week or so between each section, and concentrated on knotting up the newest section. This is a much more manageable way to dread up yourself. It also makes it easy not to get overwhelmed with upkeep when you’re starting out.

    Good Luck!

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  8. it depends on your hair and it’s length. I’m black (typical tight curls) with short hair (about 3-4 inches). I just started my 2nd set of dreads and it took me 8 hrs to twist my hair and I was going pretty slow and not paying attention. I had dreads for 4years before cutting them last time and I pretty much maintained them by myself by washing and palm rolling each every 2 weeks. If your hair is straight then it’ll take longer to start and lock but your dreads would also be a bit bigger than mine. Try braining your hair and then waitin for it to lock if you have straight hair.

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  9. “No, you don’t need another person to dread up your hair.”

    Way to misinform people!!
    i did my own dreds it took me 3 days of searing backcomby arm pain and i tore my tricep because i was backcombing so hard but i did it myself

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  10. hey man ive made dreads by myself i took two strands of hair n twisted them to make a dread but it can get tiring.
    if u are not planning on doing anything for about 2 days then just chill relax watch t.v all day n twist ur hair n keep it in without washing it 4 about a month then after u have the twist in 4 about 2 months go 2 the salon n let them tighten your twist

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  11. it’s very hard!

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