Q. I want dreads and my mom can’t stand them (I already told her about how you can still wash them but she didn’t care). I’m only 14 so I can’t exactly move out. You knotty guyz and girlz got any tips for me?

A. Unfortunately, I never really know what to say to kids that can’t get their parents to let them have dreads even after all that, other than just stick it out and be glad that your biggest problem right now is not getting to have dreads. Before you know it, you’ll be in college and although, while you now would assumably finally have the dreads you’ve always wanted, you also suddenly face a bleak future of 4 or more years of school and then a lifetime of making crappuchinos at StarBucks because you can’t find a better job, despite your degree. Now THOSE are problems – so be glad that you’re 14 and in high school and still having fun being a kid.

And maybe you can strike up some kinda deal with your parents in the mean time, like you’ll do a whack of yard work or get good grades or something in exchange for them letting you get dreads… it’s crazy that people have such a problem with them, cuz dreads are just like any other hair style, like braids or whatever, but I guess there’s all this stigma attached to the look, etc. I dunno, just don’t sweat it too much, have fun and see what happens. Dreads are cool, but not really worth getting hung up on if you can’t have them – enjoy being a kid while you can. You’ll be able to nap up soon enough.

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  1. My father would not let me get dreadlocks until i moved out with threats of kicking me out.I am about to move out to college next month and am finally getting them this week. The best thing to do is keep bringing it up in casual conversation about hair easiest is when they say get the hair out of your face respond with it would be if i had dreads that goes a long way. Eventually they give up and stop caring hopefully just let them know if its something you really want then its going to happen no matter what.

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