Q. I wanted to make a few fat dreads and use them to pull back my hair into a ponytail or a bun…but I want the rest of my hair to be undreaded. How can I dread those sections while I would continue to wash, comb and maintain the rest of may hair??

A. You can try to dread just a few locks if you want, but dreads tend to grab any other loose hair that’s around it and dread it too. If you’re quite conscientious about separating the regular hair from the locks when that happens, you could probably do it. Washing is not a problem, but conditioners are, because they untangle new dreads.

  1. Hey!
    I have only six medium sized dreads, and the rest of my hair is undreaded. It’s not too hard to keep this way, as Erinn said. When washing, just put in a cute little bun on the top of your head, so that way you can still clean the parts that arent dreaded. I haven’t had too many problems with them grabbing loose hairs, but it is some thing they were doing in the beginning. The women who does my dreads sorts everything out every four months though. Because having so few dreads is a bit precarious, you want to make sure that you’re not letting them grow together while the roots are coming in. Its a nightmare to untangle. It doesn’t show up to much with a full head because it looks natural, but with a few its noticeable and grody.

    Do you guys have any hair styles you like to do with them? I like to make a knot on top of my head that looks like an octopus, or I put them in a high pony tail, or I leave em down.

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  2. hi there. I only have 4 dreadlocks, which I started 2 months ago. I’m going to complete the process once my hair is quite long (It’s about shoulder length now, but I like looong dreadlocks 😉 In my opinion it is a little tricker than having a full head, but not nearly as hard to maintain (cuz you only have a few!) I like to use thin copper wire (you can get almost any color at any gauge at practically any craft or hardware store) and wrap that around the base of my dread so it separates it nice and tight from the rest of my non-dreaded hair, plus it looks cool! You can even spiral the wire and keep wrapping it down the whole dread and do cool designs if you like.

    That is a good way to keep it separated. When I wash my hair, I pull up my dreads and tie them together on top of my head. I then turn my head upside down and wash it that way, so that the dreads are hanging out of the way in front of my face, while the rest of my hair is in the back. I do not condition my hair, I would suggest you do not as well.

    Keep up your dreads after each wash by continuing to backcomb, break (the hair), and crochet. This is the best way to maintain just a few dreadlocks. Mine are doing quite well! Good luck!

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  3. im thinking about doing the same thing! and im so excited about it. lol

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