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Over the last couple of years, we have compiled a bunch of “how to” information related to creating, maintaining and removing locks. Here it is …

ps. If you have something to add, please comment and we will include it.

How to palm roll dreadlocks

How to make synthetic dreadlocks

How to create dreadlocks from scratch

How to remove fully-formed dreadlocks [article]

How to make yarn falls

How to make temporarly dreadlocks [article]

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  1. If my afro stops growing and i dread my hair will my dreads grow or stay the same?

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  2. HELP! I’ve just started dreading my hair. I’m doing it with the backcomb method and no wax. I’ve researched and watched every youtube video on dreads possible. Some of my dreads are coming along well. Yet, the others form into a mega dread at the roots. It looks like a huge mess. I don’t know what to do or how to prevent it! It’s making me so sad because my dreads feel like theyre my children acting up :(

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  3. Hi all dreadheads! I decided to do a tutorial on how to make beautyfull dreadlock wraps and I want to share this tutorial with all of you!
    The tutorial is here: http://dreadstuff.com/pages/how-to-make-a-dreadlock-wrap-hair-wrap
    Enjoy! Have fun and hope that you get inspired!
    Regards Ann-Marie

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  4. my name is jevon I am a black male with very thick hair and ive wanted to grow my hair for a while now and lock it I finally have gotten from under my mothers roof and my hair is about 3-4 inches long so I had it platted so I can get my dreads started. it has been about 2 weeks now and the plats are coming out and I feel like my hair isn’t going to dread. Im scared to wash it because I don’t want the rest to come loose. help please

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  5. Anyone know of any easy & quick hairstyles for men? Other than pulling them back or braiding

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  7. hi my name lady i been growing dreads since my bother got kill belive or not it really help me to dail with is death of my brother but other day i was front about my cleanness i felt some type way this lady said i was not clean at my job there anybody out that want through anything like this

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    • Hello lady, my name is Dani I am an inexpensive dreadlock professional in Southern California. I would love to help you get your dreads looking clean and professional feel free to visit my website for picture and videos 😀

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  8. Can someone help my dreads are thinning out and my hairstylist has put them into 2 so they would thicken out but it’s not workin a couple have fallen out I want to keep my dreads I don’t wanna cut it I need a solution on how to get my hair to thicken up

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    • I would try doing it myself,wash and twist it once a month. Use two in one shampoo and treat it with hot oil every time you wash it. sometimes the hairstylist would pull the root too tight and the hair would break from the follicle, and i think that would cause the hair to thin from the root. Try not to style it too much either. let it hang and breath.

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    • Hey there Stephen, I do dreadlocks with the crotchet hook method the maintenance I do specifically is to keep dreads thick and even without loose hairs. I would love to help you, im located in Southern California but am willing to travel (travel fees apply). feel free to visit my website for pictures and videos! :) http://dreadlockedza.weebly.com

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  9. I have had my dreads for almost 3 months and started with backcombing and then crocheting. For about a month I’ve been just neglecting it because I don’t want to put wax/chemicals in my dreads. They don’t seem to be knotting up very good though.. Do you have any non chemical use advise for me on how to make them knot up? They hold they’re shape good and don’t fall apart, but it doesn’t appear to be knotting. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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    • Hi!
      I used wax only for the first week so that I could keep the separate while I worked on them. After that I have not used any chemicals and I was my scalp about once sometimes twice a week.

      I backcombed for a few weeks after, working on the less tightened ones. After that all I do is simply take my thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger and i take the dread, starting at the root, and just keep moving my fingers in different directions. Its a lot of work ( about 3-4 hours a week) but I have tight well knotted dreads.

      It took about 4-5 weeks of this before I saw any measurable results. My advice? Just takes time. But the finger movement method worked great for my hair. I also dont palm roll mine as I found that for my hair it ended up looping over, pulling on my scalp, and undoing half the knots. Also if your hair isnt wirey try blow drying it after you shower. Not only does it help get rid of the moisture that makes them stinky but it drys out the hair and makes it easier to knot.

      Just dont fry it!

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  10. How often do you lockgel your twist before they start forming dreads?

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    • You can form dreads day one with the crotchet hook, I am an inexpensive dreadlock professional located in Southern California I would love to assist your dreadlock experience. Lock gel should really be used to maintain, not to form, I recommend the crotchet method feel free to visit my website for pictures and videos at http://dreadlockedza.weebly.com

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  11. I live in coeur d alene idaho and i want to get dreads if anyone there or nearby there or spokane washington can put dreads in fine thin hair email me at xxdorkissxx@gmail.com

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  12. Hi all!

    I have recently had my dreadlocks done ( this is my third day) and I think I over waxed them, my hair was fine on the first day and on the second it became a fuzzy mess with hair going all over the show, so I had a go at waxing it and it didn’t really work as the loose bits of hair wouldn’t go back into the dreads! I kept using more and more wax and I ended up using half the pot, I don’t know how much to use or what to do so I was just working wax in while twisting them. Is wax the best thing to use? I have a Knottyboy new dreads maitenance kit coming soon which has stuff in it to hold the dreads togeather, I was wondering if anyone had used it before and can help me with what I’m meant to do? Also what is palm rolling? I’ve read it so many times but don’t know what it is and am reluctant to touch my dreads as I don’t want them getting worse! I was also wondering what to do about covering them? I’m a mechanic so I can’t have them out due to all the dirt and filth, but what can I use to cover them?

    I have a million and one questions about what I am meant to do and how I can look after them, any help is really apreceated!

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  13. Love all the advise and can not wait to get started on my sons hair. It looks so fun I might have to try it on my own hair. Thank you for the advise I will let you no how it goes.

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  14. Bai dang cua ban rat hay, toi khong tim thay thong tin lien he cua ban nhi? Tac gia co facebook khong?

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  15. I 2 am having the same dilemma. I’ve had mine 4 15 yrs & they’ve stopped growing actually it breaks @ the ends & my homegirl who happens 2 b a hair dresser says I need 2 moisturize the ends as well as the new growth & I swear I am but they keep breaking @ the ends so I’m thinking about cutting them all off w/a bald head then a fro then back 2 my locks

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  16. I have dreads for going on my 11th year now and i am at a cross road. I LOVE MY DREADS! but the fact is they have grown to a certain point and stopped. I know this may sound a bit bizzare but true. I started with very short dreads and my hair is now shoulder length but has been at this point for the past 5 years. I can tell it is growing somewhat, but only seemes to be getting thicker. The length i swear has been just touching the tip of my shoulders. So okay my dilemna is, i wanted dreads for the style. i love the look the long beautiful maintained dreads. Mine are maintained and beautiful, just not long, so i’m getting tired and want a change! After praying and reading up on taking my dreads out with having to cut, Thank God, i think this year for my birthday i am going to go ahead and take’em out. Breathe for a while, experiment with some other natural styles then start over when i’m ready. If anyone knows or has any ideas why my hair is not growing long, please feel free to reply. Thanks and be blessed

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  17. There is no information on How To Loc Using The Technique. I teach it as I have been loc’d for five years now and maintain my own.

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  18. plz help going to bali in a cupple weeks and theirs a guy called zaenal who does realy good dreadlocks from what ive read from reviews. he uses a crochet hook to make them. is this a bad method i heard it can be bad for your hair plz help?

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  19. I want to dreadlock my beard. What are the recommended methods for that and are there any beard specific products I should be aware of?

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  20. The number of dreads on a person varies. Weather if there doing free form or comb-twist,or other methods it all comes to how small or thick the person makes their lock-ups.

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  21. There’s products for damaged or thin locks,catus gro mango and lime is one of the products,and there’s also spray ask your nearest hair product store for gel or spray for thinning damaged locks.

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  23. I was wondering if there is a better time of year to start a set of dreds, because I’ve heard that your hair grows more in the summer and thought that that may tighten the dreads in fine hair, whereas in the winter they may come loose more.. any thoughts or facts?

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  24. Hi I love doing locs and if you want your locs done or want to know anything about locs call me or hit my facebook account! I also have pictures of locs at hairby Raven on Facebook. I live in Detroit, Mich and My phone number is 313-293-1976.

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  25. number dreadlocks of a person’s head?

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  26. i had my cousin put ‘dreads’ in my hair last night with like gel & hairspray. didnt work so well. i just wanna know how to get temp ones

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    • that’ll stay in fer like a week without enduring super pain

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  27. or what about the interloc method?

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  28. how about how to add lenght to existing dreads???

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  30. How to refresh already existing dread locks and to cut them a little maybe…?

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