How to Palm Roll Dreads

Just a quick and simple way to palm roll dreads in a different fashion than you usually see.

Fast Tube by Casper

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  1. my boyfriend is locking his hair, we dont have every many clips. does any one have any suggestions about retwisting them with out the clips?

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  2. @Sue Ellen, I’m sure plenty of those “young people” you refer to wonder why the heck 60 year olds do some of the things they do too 😉

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  3. I just started to dread my hair oct 24 it’s now the 30th. My friend showed me briefly how to do it and started a few of them, my hair was filled with my natural oils because I stopped using store bought shampoo and only used conditioner I made or just water. I have very curly hair and it’s thick too. The dreads seemed to have stayed a few days but it was messy and frizzy, my friend told me after I did my whole head in the shape to wash it and make sure it was completely dry. I did that today but now it just looks like it’s curly again lol some pieces are sorta dreaded but my tips curl and there are a few pieces that have a straight up curl going on. The method she taught me was backcombing and I did further research and did a few with a crochet needle I just so happened to have being a crocheter. Any advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated :) thank you!

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  4. People get them for various reasons (as Makeda stated), I personally go mine for a few reasons:

    -They fit me spiritually
    -They work well with my hair type
    -They look nice
    -They easier to manage other than my afro, cornrows, hot combed styles
    -It’s a wonderful journey

    I take an offense in how you posed your question by the way. You sound as if the style is just a horrible style, when a style is a “STYLE” meaning they’re subjective to ones own likings. I hope this has shed some insight on your curiosity.
    – Zane ZenOokami

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  5. Oh, and just to add on a bit more, locs are ANCIENT. There is a deity in Hinduism that dates back thousands of years. He was known as being black (ebony black) with locs. Shiva.

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    • yeah cool! thanks for the info gal!

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  6. @Sue Ellen @Peggy I wonder more why people who are against locs seek out videos and websites about them.

    Locs are a very old style. It isn’t just a fashion trend. There are many older people with locs, as well. Some wear it for spiritual purposes, some wear it for fashion, and I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons. I suggest you people delve deeper into cultures other than your own… Perhaps if you seek out answers, rather than having a judgmental attitude, you’ll learn something.

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  7. @Sue Ellen – I am with you on this one. Have you been watching the last couple of years of American Idol? There have been quite a few contestants with dreads, so it’s a pretty popular fashion I guess.

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