Here is a great video showing some detail of the crochet hook method. The crochet method is becoming very popular for quick maintenance, especially as lots of videos like these show up – making it not so hard to learn.

Comment below with your experiences with crochet maitenance.


Fast Tube by Casper

  1. Hi, I see this video has been taken down, so I can’t comment on it, but I wish to help END THE MISCONCEPTION THAT CROCHET DREADWORK IS BAD FOR DREADS…. Why? Because I have been creating, extending, repairing, maintaining & coaching people on how to make dreads with a crochet hook for over 16 years and the only breakage I’ve ever seen in dread clients has come from the following mix of situations: (I’ve worked on over 2000 heads of dreads personally)…
    1. Dreads have been created without using enough hair from a dread salon or hairdresser using the backcomb + wax technique, therefore the bases are too thin and if they’re not regularly maintained then, they can snap off as they end up hanging on by a thin strip of hair and get bottom heavy.
    2. Same thing, where dread bases are too small and the wearer dies them blonde. The blonde dying process involves peroxide which dries out the dreads and means they become very brittle so if the bases aren’t big enough they can snap.
    3. Again dreads made too thin that grow out & the wearer works as a tradie and the dreads get lots of dry dust in them. The dryness and thinness cause breakage.
    The only way to make instant dreads that don’t requite any rolling, wax or products IS with a crochet hook. Every other method in existance takes TIME & often PRODUCT to get the dreads to be neat & tight. If you learn how to use the crochet hook correctly, it offers the best way to make and maintain dreads, because they are properly locked with NO waiting time and no products are necessary! It’s awesome! I’ve never seen an unhappy client with this method! And I’ve loved all 3 sets of my own dreads!
    If you are going to use a crochet hook on your dreads it is good to be well educated as to how to do it properly, whether you wish to maintain your own dreads or make dreads for a friend. If you’d like to learn how to safely and properly maintain or create dreads using a crochet hook, you can find an online course to suit your needs here: http://www.divinedreadlocks.com/courses/
    Thanks for reading. Many blessings! xxx

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  2. Shouldn’t this be called “How to destroy your locks with a crochet hook”?

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