Q. Are my brand-new nappy locks going to be presentable after just being done? Or is it a take-a-week-off-work type thing?

A. If you choose to use a good dreadlock wax to start them, your dreads will definitely be presentable the day after locking up. That’s what’s great about it – makes you look like you have dreads right away, even before it’s had a chance to start locking for real after a couple of weeks. Just try dreading one or two to make sure you like how they look, and then go for it!

If you chose to not use wax to start your locks, it really depends upon your method whether they’re going to look like anything for the next few months, other than loose, matted hair. It usually takes at least six months before neglect-method-locks start to look like locks unless you really work at them and keep them groomed, clean and on-track. Both methods work, but wax simply speeds it up when used properly.

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  1. I want dreads

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  3. Ok I need the name of this gel ppl using I had my dreads me n fiance for two months now I need tge product to use cause the beeswax is making my hair sticky like

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  4. Banks: I’ve had mine for 6 months now & they looked like shit until about a month ago you just have to keep working on them they’re a journey/comittment for sure also try Lock Peppa hope you keep them & that helps

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  6. My boyfriend is driving me crazy with his dreds. They are always fuzzy and he insist that I retwist his hair once or twice a week and its still frizzy the next day. He is mixed so he has diffrent types of hair. Some kinky and some straight. He’s a big baby and crys if the blowdryer gets hot so I never get to blow dry them all the way dry. Its only been six weeks and I’m ready to shave his head while he is sleep. I have tried mango lime locking gel and proclaim bees wax. Any advice?

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    Some person commented that dreadlocks are a life long commitment. That is a false scare. Although, if you do get dreads it’s good to keep them for at least a few years, but you DO NOT need to keep them all life, and you do NOT have to shave your head, that is one option, but there are better options out there. For example, growing your hair out, up to six inches and then cutting from there. Either way, you will be left with short or bald hair, but don’t worry, hair always grows back.
    SECONDLY, you can and MUST wash dreadlocks, the myth of not washing dreads is completely false. In fact, washing at the right times speeds up the process of locking, and your roots growing and keeps them clean.
    Over all, dreadlocks are an AMAZINGLY FUN JOURNEY AND I SUGGEST THE EXPERIENCE TO ANYONE WHO WANTS IT. It is true that you should think this over seriously before doing them, and make sure you know all the necessary information in order to do them correctly because it is possible to end up regretting your decision for any number of reasons, but you don’t want simply unattractive, dreads that look different than what you wanted…you can eliminate this problem by doing your research. : )

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  8. I have long, wavy, frizzy, and color treated hair. I was able to use the Bounce Styling Creme from Shielo Haircare and let my hair air dry and my hair didnt look perfect but didnt look out of control either. Works even better if I blow dry then style my hair.

    PS…there is also no greasy feeling when using this product.

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  10. i jus started my twists had em about a month now.. and i want to kno what is a good locking gel or wax to use wen i retwist em that will keep them neat and keep it twisted long enough to last 2 weeks til i retwist em again..very new to this..i jus want dem to come out nice once they loc n dread…help me out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

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  11. How do you make natural dreads?? Well, this is how I did it……I have had my dread babies for about 3 weeks now. LOVE THEM! I started by washing with a natural bar soap and no conditioner. No combing of course. After about a week of this, they started to dread themselves and told me where they wanted to live on my head. When they started to form, that’s when I started to separate them with the crochet hook. Back combed each one, twist and crochet. It took about 4-5 days to finish this process. Now I have 22 babies that I Iove dearly. Living in a hot tropical environment I do wash them every 3 days or as long as I can tolerate it. Then I wash with a bar soap or residue free soap and let air dry. LOVE, PEACE and DREADS!

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  12. hey hey hey dreads are my future style but i got a question about getting them done ore having the come in naturals how long will it take and how should i go about it to get it to grow out naturally?

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  13. I put my dreads in about 3 days ago, and they have gotten all fuzzy!
    is this a good thing??

    I have been palm rolling them since i got them put in, and i have used bacombing and i have made the tips round with a croche hook, and how long do you think it will take for it to start forming locks?

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  14. I just got my dreads about a month and a half ago and even tho they are a little crazy at times, totally worth the work so far I love them to death

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  15. hey i just got my dread done the person who did it di a little backcombing then add the dread dust i think its call peppa or somthing then added 100% bees wax and twisted they look pritty good but there realy hard coz of the wax im ganna wash out most of the wax when i wash my hair but my hair just look like twisted hair with a few frizzy bits how long do you think it will take befor i start getting some knots in there oh and i have rubber bands at the bass

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  17. I just hot my hair in dreads did them myself and i have been twisting them lightly with a little bit of gel every day its my 5th day so far I am biracial with curly hair my twists are kind of tight but loose if that says anything is it bad that I do this every day please help. ..

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  18. Hi my name is Diane my hair is growing wonderfully in the back, but on the sides of my head my hair just simply sisn’t growing why! i’ve had my dreads foralmost 5 months now.

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  19. oh and i use hair clippers up and down the legnth of my dreads to shear off any frizz but PLEASE DO NOT use this method untill your dreads are fully locked up and hard or else they will fall apart. yes you do get the odd frizzy when they have matured! the hair clippers are really good to use to separate your roots too as they have a nasty habbit of growing together. to maintain roots i fin it easiest to loop them just to tighten them up then roll them to pull in the root frizz. its also really important to wash your dreads!! some people are under the impression you dont wash them but they are sorely mistaken! IF YOU DONT WASH YOUR DREADS they will become greasy and that helps them come loose. for baby dreads only use water to rinse them as they mature a little you can start using shampoo but if they are still soft do not condition them. i only condition mine as they are mature, rock solid inside so the conditioner doesnt actually soak into the dread but helps relieve my scalp!

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  20. if you want to get dreads you really need to have a long hard think about it first, dont rush into it!
    i wanted dreads from a really young age, i was nine years old when i first wanted them and finally at twentyone i felt i could cope with dreads! so here i am 5years on :)
    the reason i say dont rush into it is because i think sometimes people think if they get dreads they never have to worry about ‘doing their hair’. . . let me tell you something. . dreads are very VERY hard work.. more hard work than having to straighten or curl and style your hair. you will have some very long hours of getting really sore arms trying to sort them out. unless you are passionate about them just do not do it! I LOVE MY DREADS, we have been through a lot together! lol. but i have had many friends who have decided to get them then change their mind like a year later tried to remove them and it is not pretty. . when and if you decide to remove them your hair will be ruined! and unless you are willing to shave your head you will probably be doomed to a life of hair extentions. . which in turn also ruin your hair and you will forever having to get them! its a vicious cycle! DREADS ARE FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS.

    if this hasnt scared you off. . . . then you are probably ready for your dreads! HAPPY DREADING XXXXXXX

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  22. Hi I’ve been a DreadHead for 5 months near 6 months now i think, when i first did my twist locks i used mango and lime Gel,and it kept them in and got tighter after blow drying,2 weeks later of course some of were coming out and getting messy, so i try to use the gel a couple more time after that and blowing drying,and it wasn’t really keeping them tight and neat as they were,maybe for a little bit but within hrs. it unraveled again.

    So i picked up some wax,wax IS proven to leave build up, I’ve always had my hair either braided,tail, plats,cornrowed,never twisted at anytime,so therefor people who have not had there hair trained and it is really course like mine,may need to use wax for a while,til hair is trained,i have thick course hair and alot of it,my background is Black,White,Native American,and Puerto Rican,so i have what they call pretty hair but can still get nappy,may just take me longer,Anything can leave buildup in your hair with out doing the proper rinsing.
    it Depends on texture and your daily life style weather how long your hair is going to take to start or complete the locking period,it took about 3months for my hair to even begin to start locking,(Not Dreading)Note some of my dread twist are not fully locked to the root(that is the last part to lock but they will after time)and one or two are only locked at the tip,leaving the base not locked at all. it takes some time don’t rush you wont make it.

    Once your dread twist start to lock up,(LEAVE THEM DRY) just for awhile,let them nat up,and get bigger,when your hair is getting alot thicker it is starting the locking process it will start to get smaller once its all matted,only use GEL on your roots and only use it where your hair hasn’t started to mat(you will feel the difference between UN matted hair and matted hair)Only use WAX on the dreads that haven’t started to stay together when hair is DRY,(for people with resistant hair),if you hair is not resistant DO NOT USE WAX,you shouldn’t need it.
    Do not Re-twist every week or every other day,atleast wait a month or more,(new dreads you may need to do every 2 weeks)make sure to keep your roots thick you dont want any Dreadies to Snap off,keep your hair dry and clean,and residue free,dry hair locks and dread the fastest,and clean hair..well you know the hair doesn’t have to work around dirt and build up to lock, its only common sense.
    Dont worry if your dreads begin to unravel,there going to for a little bit until your hair is trained and locks they will keep coming out,just take care of them til they look the way you want them and the lock together,and stop using WAX/GEL on the matted part of your dread and just let them be free and let it naturally lock from that point on,if you just want to touch them up use a little bit of GEL every month or so,atleast try to last a month or two with out putting anything in you already matted section of your dread,see how you like the look and feel of them,but i have not put anything on my matted part of my dreads in about 2 almost 3 months,and im really happy about it,there tight,i can bend them, getting alot of weight on them,just wish the loose ones would hurry up,but dreads aren’t anything but nappy section of you hair,so it alright if you hair gets a little nappy and a little messy,there gonna be a hassle,and get a little wild before they get nice and stay nice, dont rush them, let them be mature and strong,you dont want weak dreads,next thing you know you have to shave off your head and start over,and this process takes yrs and yrs for some people and just yrs for other,give it time,you take care of them and treat them good they will treat you good.

    Took about 3 months for my hair to begin locking and staying together without really needing anything except on my roots,my top ones are giving me the most trouble but for the most part of my head the dreads are real nice, i sleep without a nylon on my head some nights and my hair doesn’t come undone,even my loose ones dont come all the way out,i have one dread twist with the tip only locked but the rest is undone and even that feels the same the next morning,its really just keeping my roots maintained which is killing me. so anybody have any methods on maintaining roots please feel free to E-mail at riccardowingfield@yahoo.com or if you have any questions….i may not have all the answers to your question since im not you hair or the method you doing, but i know enough for your to get an idea on what you can do to make sure your locks come out great.

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  23. Ive had my dreads for a bout a montha nd a half nd the top half is locking EXCELLENTLY but my tips/ends are not making any procress it seems….WHAT DO I DO?!

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  24. Rena i feel so sorry for you,

    permed dreads will enever look good, and look 4times as thin as normal dreadlocks,

    you gotta cut them out hun, and grow your hair once again.

    when it does come to dreading, backcomb and do NOT use any wax :)

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  25. Hey I just got my hair dreaded using a chemical method. I didn’t know they would do this so I’m not very happy! Now they are tiny!! And bumpy where the string was holding them. They told me not to wash for 2 weeks but the smel is awful! Will they start looking ok once I wash them? Or should I bite the bullit and take them out?? I have wanted them for so long so now I’m dissapointed :(

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  26. I wanted to know If i just got dreads can i leave my hair in chiney bumps until my dreads mature.

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  27. I was dread for 8 years and i used wax. it leaves buildup in your hair especially that back of your hair where the back of your locks accumulate a lot of lint depending on the kind of clothes you wear. When i used wax on my hair my hair was all the way down my back i took one of my dreads and i could actually tear it in 2. then i saw that my hair had alot of build up. i ended up gettin frustrated and pulled my lock out. I lost alot of my hair but my hair is past my neck so I also saved more than I expected. I took my hair out in Dec 2008. Now yesterday I said Im gonna try it again but with out any wax or anything that has petroleum in it. I saw a gel that i said I would use and its all natural products. I twisted my hair yesterday and it stayed since my hair is natural I never permed when i took out my locks so it made it easier to start again….Tomorrow i will try the gel to make it look a lil bit neater. and this time keep my hair wrapped when i wear certain clothes….lol… and use the apple cider vinegar to wash my hear to remove all residue when my hair starts to dread….well ill let you guys know in a few months how it goes..this time im doin it my self the first time i dread I had it professionally done…..Ill keep u posted…..

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  28. Hiii Lucylocks!! I really like your idea of a small crochet hook. How exactly do I do that? Do I backcomb them still and then use a crochet hook at the end to twist? Sorry if I sound silly…I have had mine for a month now. The ends are locking up pretty well, but the top half looks matted. Even when I back comb and twist, they don’t “look” twisted. They are coming loose at the top. People recommend that I don’t keep using the wax or locking gel, so do you or anyone else have any techniques for twisting them and keeping the twist for more than 5 minutes after I backcomb and twist? :)


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  30. Get a very small crochet hook, gel will clog up your hair and leave it covered in residue. The hook will make them neat and tight straight away and you can say they are totally natural with no nasty products.
    Because I use the hook they are tight enough to wash once a week without them coming loose.
    It is important to keep them clean and avoid wax or gels they eventually go hard and make the dreads look dirty and heavy (which can cause breakidge) Once they have been crochet’d they will always look good.
    I am really surprised more people dont know about this it really is the only way to make dreads sucessfuly. The patience required really is only while you are making them then hey presto they look like tight neat lovely dreads from day one.

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  31. i just started my dreads today…yea for me….i got them started with gel…is that a good method? and how long will it be til they start to lock?

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  32. i used pomade in my hair and its working just fine ive had them for two weeks so far and they dont stink no rez and theyre getting tighter by the day was is deffinatly used by companys for money

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  33. I’ve had my dreads for almost 5 years now, but after 2 years they still weren’t what i’d call presentable (the main body was fine, but the roots and tips were still undreaded).

    I started mine with beeswax initially, however spent the next few months or so washing my hair with hot water to flush out the wax slowly. Eventually, all wax was gone, and my dreads are now lovely and soft (no waxy/stickyness/itchness) This worked well (using wax ONCE and once only) as the dreads were initally held together, but then were allowed to work naturally eventually. It did take longer, and there was a decent period of messyness but the dreads themselves ended up being super tight and natted.

    After 1-2 years of no real maintenance, my tips were ‘shot’. Lucylocks is right: GET A CROCHET HOOK!! I cant stress this enough! Again, this process takes a while (everything dready does!), but after a good 9-12hr sesh (dependant on how many/messy your dreads are) with the hook (research proper technique online!) all my tips were neat and rounded (I could even grab up those annying side-of, and back-of-head loose bits!)

    I remeber reading many peoples posts back when I first natted my hair, about patience, patience, patience. I didnt believe it, but it’s just simply true! the bottom line: dreads have been the single most difficult patience game I have ever played! But just hang in there! they do actually look wicked eventually! lol

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  34. I have dreaded about 30 peoples hair and I never use wax. The dreads look like they have been there for about 6 months straight away. I use a very small crochet hook about 0.06m back comb the hair a bit and pull all the fuzzy ends in useing the hook. I swear by it you can use it to neaten them at the roots as they grow too. You do have to spend a little time on each dread but they genuinely look well taken instantly and will not fall loose. This method is used all over the world and makes the neatest locks. Go and buy a hook its cheap and you dont need to wake up with dreads stuck to your face :)

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  35. Try growing dreadlocks together to create a lion claw dawg!

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  38. I’ve had mine now for about 4 months now- can TOTALLY relate to the sticking up thing. I resorted to adding metal beads to the ones that stick up to weigh them down. My hair is just starting to lock up now. I use gel and try to retwist every couple of weeks after washing. Seems that my hair is growing and I would like to use the wax, but haven’t heard anything good about it.

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  39. I just started my dreds and I hate that they stick up every where..how long before they’re heavy enough to lay straight down n hang..id say they’re about 3in

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  40. It took mine only about a month before they were really presentable. but I was palm rolling dry straight fine hair with out the wax. The wax really helped tame the frizz makes them look amazing! I use knotty boy wax, it’s not to expensive and it last forever, but you can use other wax as long as it doesn’t have petroleum in it. (sorry bad speller?) good luck!

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  41. my mom finally approved of mine after about 10 months. try using a knit headband, or keeping bangs in the front. if possible, pony tail it! dreads are like a bonsai tree, you have to be patient :)

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  43. Wax leaves nasty stuff in your dreads and slows the locking process…The only reason it’s popular is because some companies wanna make a buck of it.

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    • Wax can leave stuff in your dreads if you use to much. a little goes a long way and can be helpful if you don’t want to deal with the frizz of new dreadies. You also need to use the right wax cause although some may claim to be made for dreads not all are,some can leave your hair feeling greasy and disgusting. I used the knotty boy wax but as long as your wax has no petroleum you should be good.

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