Q. I was wondering if you knew how I could make temporary dreads? I don’t want real dreads, but I want to be able to get that look every once in a while. Can you help at all??

A. Temporary dreads are kind of an iffy thing, because the backcombing that has to be done can be very hard to get out. But if you are wiling to deal with it, what we normally tell people is follow online instructions for the backcombing method, but instead of waxing them up with a dreadlock wax, try using gel or hairspray to tighten them up instead. That way when you decide to wash them out, they will come out a lot easier because you don’t have a non water-soluble binder in you hair, but a product that is meant to come out with water.

People sometimes try using other things instead of gel or hairspray to bind their temporary dreads together, but if they are food-or-sugar-based products in any way, those things can create a wonderful playland for buggies! So PLEASE don’t try them.

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  1. i want dreads but how can i make them look loose and temporary

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  3. okay im mexican-american n idk if they look good on me. what do you think should i get them?

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  4. my hero is bob marley, i’ve always wanted to try dreads for some fun, i love bing different! my best advice (its what i did) is to try a little bit from all the different techniques above, if it doesnt work? wash it out and try again! only you know your hair, so only you know which will work best for you!
    make sure you have rubber bands handy and good luck!

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    • Yea and you’re probably
      Some white person that thinks because you smoke pot and say you’re rasta that you have a right over anyone to have them.

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    • Although people who make a spiritual devotion to have dreadlocks exist, it doesn’t mean ALL people who have dreadlocks have made a spiritual devotion, plus rastas are not the only religion that has them, in India the sadhus have them too.

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  7. Want the look without the commitment? Check out my Temporaryt Dreads tutorial on YouTube!

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  9. There are instructions for temporary locs on the website http://www.HealthyHairJourney.com under protective styles that is cute and easy to do yourself. Of course, you need patience. But they can last up to 7 weeks.

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  10. Get synthetic braid in dreads :P it will show you how you would look with real ones for the most part OBVIOUSLY not 100% but pretty close you can do what ever colors you want they are really cheap to make and if you braid them in right they will last awhile BUT you can take them out whenever you want and go back to normal hair



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  11. i make temporary dreads in my hair all the time. i make them so the ends are still somewhat together in twists but my roots are pretty much loose and i use alot of conditioner in the shower so my hair is soft. i towel dry it a bit and then when its damp i run like a dime size of texture paste by garnier through each side of my part, but mostly only on the loose hairs. then i blow dry my hair and it ends up being like really poofy and thick. so then i stair taking lil sections of my hair and twist them, the texture paste keeps them together at first. i like my hair wavy so i put a three barrel waver to each one of my twists which helps keep them put. then i spray all of my twists with loose hold hairspray. then i run my figers through my roots a bit to loosen them up, and i pull apart a few of my twists to make my hair look almost dreaded but then not really. it all comes out in the shower!! by the way my hair is dyed blonde and is naturally wavy/straight.

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  12. So yeah, looking for a way to do dreads. Got red/ornge hair and it’s curly like a mo-fo. I can’t stand it, so i’m looking for a way to make some temp. dreads, cause i’m not sure if my work’ll let me have them, but i want to try them out SO BADLY

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  13. i tried doing dreads with beeswax but the friend of mine who was helping me with thm got tired and quit :( i tried washing it out but regular shampoo wouldnt work very well so i just used dawn a couple times and it all came out. i didnt tease it so getting all the knots out wasnt too bad but its a good idea to let the conditioner sit in your hair for a bit, plus the dawn will dry it just a bit.

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  15. Bit late I know but best way to get temporary drealocks is to backcomb a section of your hair lightly, twist it tight,n spray it with hairspray then run straighteners down it. It works great, heres a picture of a guys hair I did that way (:
    And the back (:

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  16. i’ve just done a few temporary dreads and they look great. i backcombed till it was really knotty, then twisted. then sprayed hairspray on it, ran my fingers up and down it till it was knotty again and twisted really tight. then i took my hair straightener and heated them inch by inch. they turned out great!!

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  17. you could probably just try the twisting method…

    1. Wash your hair with a residue free shampoo and let it air dry.
    2. Section your hair into sections that are 1 inch by 1 inch. You can use
    rubberbands to hold the sections while you section the rest of your hair.
    3. Once you have sectioned off all of your hair, take one section at a time
    and twist it back and forth between your fingers, then put some wax on the twist
    and keep twisting it. The more you twist the hair back and forth the faster the
    dreads will form and lock up.
    If you wash your hair often with any shampoo they will leave a residue that will most likely loosen the dreads. A Conditioner would help loosen them as well.

    just an idea

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  18. If you remember the movie “Bring It On” (yup, the stupid cheerleading one), the “alternative” girl had fake dreadlocks for a few scenes. You can make similar ones by parting out 1″ sections of hair, twisting them from the top down, spraying them with a mighty-type hairspray. While still holding the twisted faux-dread at the bottom, make your way down the faux-dread with a straightener, covering top to bottom, holding it for 8-15 seconds at a time, depending on the texture of your hair. Once you’ve finished this step, spray it once more, and you should be good to go. Repeat all over, and have fun :)

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  19. using gel makes them look greasy.

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  21. hey umm this one time i did a lil fake dread in my hair i just grabbed sum hair teased (back combed) it into kinda like a line til it felt quite thick or solid then i hair sprayed it then held my hair straightner on small sections of it at a time for a couple of seconds

    washed out in da shower too

    hope it helped xx

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    • It means bugs, as in insects.

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  23. can someone help me

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  24. i wanna know how to do twisty dreads

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  25. so I have really sensitive hair because i have messed around with is so much could I stil have dreads or will my hair break off??
    any help would be fine

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  26. depending on the look that you want to have for your dreads i have two ways of creating them.

    depending on if you want them to be in straight lines you can rubberband off the roots so that you dont lose your sections.
    begin by taking out the rubberband of the dread you are about to and start to backcomb/tease your root area.

    now you can either begin to twist the hair and go up and down with your fingers to create knots in the hair, spray with hairspray and take a flat iron to keep the dread in its twisted postion.
    if you would like to try something that will stay in longer then i have listed above you can tease your whole stand of hair and seal it with some hairspray
    now you have some temp. dreads that will stay in untill you wash your hair. and i recommmend that you let conditioner sit in your hair for a five minute minimum that makes it eaiser to comb out your dreads.

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  27. i want dreds but i want to do temporary ones first, so that i can see what they look like. but how???? i dont understand the wholle process

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