Q. How can I make my own lock accelerator??

A. You can make an effective lock accelerator solution yourself by adding the juice of one lemon or a dash of RealLemon to a sprayer bottle full of warm to hot water and 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt, shake well, and spray a few times a week. Spray only on your dreads, not on your scalp as sometimes the drying sea salt can cause scalp irritation and itch. This solution can be adjusted to your need, but don’t make it too strong or you’ll burn your scalp off!

Also, Knotty Boy sells a lock tightening gel that is an aloe-based, spray alternative.

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  1. Just starting my twists and my hair dresser told me to mix water n honey in a spray bottle and spray my twist like every three days and dry it.think this will work?

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  2. Please I started my dread 3days ago nd my stylist didn’t twist my hair and she told me to be using foam dat dat is wen it ll keep locking pls I want to no mayb its true or should I twist my hair

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  3. Do i really need lock spray for my dreads, im caucasian and native so i have thick oily hair.
    Also how long do i need to wait to wash my dreads?

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  4. Whatever you do. DON’T INTERLOCK your dreads or Flip Them through the Root. This hampers the locking process.

    How do I know? I have dreads myself and I had to comb them out after I found out that interlocking/root flipping them caused a knot that wouldn’t dread.

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  5. do you NEED to use locking gel when starting locs?

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    • No, but it helps :)

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  6. I have been growing my dreads since last March of 2013 it has been a year I go to a stylist every 2 months I have a lot of them and my hair is very thick I have some locks but in the front not locking very well my dreads still looks nappy I have tired everything I work a lot so I don’t have time to sit and twist them at all. Help me plz.

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  7. I don’t know where to get the sea salt, i stay in abuja, nigeria. Must it be sea salt? Can’t i use normal cookin salt in my kitchen? I really need to make my dread lock very well because i started last 2 months with the WAX only and then i washed it after some weeks but since then my dread is not locking the way i want it, only the tips of my hair locks. Please help me, i really want to start opening my hair because i always cover it now. Please

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  8. Merry christmas, knotty people!!

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  10. I been trying to lock my hair for five month now.But my end alway come undone after washing and putting on clip.I need to know what im doing wrong.

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    • Try after shampooing on semi damp hair while lock maintenance as finger tip of conditioner along same way you would use locking gel let dry (sit use drier if available, not mandatory) ends will lock soon after, then you can use locking gel for new growth and shampoo and condition regularly.

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  11. do you wash it out of your hair after a certan time or just leave it in there until you shower?

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  12. do you wash it out of your hair after a certan time or just leave it in there until you shower??

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  13. rubberband at the roots for too long and they’ll start melting into the dreads. cut those bitches out soon!

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  14. I use dread wax and wash my hair in cold water. I have school so I have to keep them maintained. So what I do is tie them into what appears to be a french braid yet I do his with rubber bands. My hair is not even to my shoulders but almost there…so an actual french braid is not something I can not accomplish. I have had dreads for about a month, and I also wear rubber bands at the roots of them. I recommend using” Mane N Tail “. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. What ever the case, it helps my hair knot up alot better. I dont use lemon because it will dye our hair over time. Doing nothing to dreads is the best way to go. Time will help the most.

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  15. I have fine hair It was pretty long when i started. It was only locking on the bottom half so I figured I’d put a bunch of conditioner in it to see what would happen. At this point I thought it might smooth out the top more in case I decided to cut the bottom off….to my surprise it made my hair lock up quite a bit! I only did this once but since then my hair has been locking steadily…I usually use Dr. Brooners and make sure to dry dry dry the dreads after they get a bath!!!!

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    • you got really lucky probably because you have already have straight hair you werent affected by it, but with most dreads putting conditioner on them is like one of the worst thing you can do to them. dreads are formed by getting the hair to lock together( get it dreadlocks?), and conditioner does the exact opposite of that.

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  16. could i use regular salt instead of sea salt?

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  18. hi i just started two baby dreads on the bottom of my head, i got natural wavy hair and i decided to do the twist n rip method but after a week of having them im going to let them go all natural and not even touch them or put any wax or anything in them, i know it takes patience but im afraid my hair wont come out in the long run has anyone with my hair type start with a twist n rip then let them go natural if so how are they turning out??

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    • Ay i feel u i got the same problem im locked at the bottom. But from middle and up im not locking so i decided to go natural and its comin out pretty good but its gonna take a while. I just keep on buyin locking products and applying

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  19. I have had locks for 13 years and the best thing to so is twist them n leave them alone…the less you do to them the better…and NO WAX…it will eventually…even in small amounts create a smelly residue. the sea salt really works…i know this because i used to swim alot in salty ocean water and it did wonders 4 my hair.

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  20. I just started my locks a week ago and they were going ok but the ends were oily and not thin, not locking at all. My method until today was backcombing, rubber bands at root only, I also palm rolled, and applied a little wax the first day. I washed the hair with dreads one time to get off the wax using a residue free soap made for locks which I got at the local skate shop in the mall. Today my brother who has all natural locks provided me with an awesome technique that just made my dreads look fantastic now it was an immediate improvement.

    Hair Type & Length: Thin, Baby Fine, Soft hair. 8-9 inches long at time of locking.
    Here is the technique:

    Palm Roll the TIPS. Go to the tip and take just errm, 1 cm or 1 mm and bunch it up in your palm and roll it. I roll my palm counter clockwise and the hair goes clockwise, I’m not sure if that matters or not, I heard it did but only because salon stylists are always trained to do things clockwise?? I have no idea if this is true or not. NOW, as soon as I palm rolled the TIPS ONLY, they locked up and tangled up, and actually started to LOCK. I realize now the ends can lock up much faster if you can get them to get tangled up and rolled up at the ends.
    Since my hair is thin and string, people say I looked like I Tom Petty, I even heard a guy at the store say that to his friend haha. It’s crappy hair but anyway my hair before locking was so thin that the ends were always getting ‘knotted’ up and I had to comb a lot and use conditioner to prevent that from happening so, I’m not sure if my hair was just already naturally inclined to tangle and knot at the ends and thats why the magic instant locking at the tips just from palm rolling them a few minutes is only going work for my hair type or if it will help everyone. I look forward to your feedback VIA EMAIL as I don’t intend to come back to this once I copy the recipe listed above. You can reach me at Mr.Harper.Reed@gmail.com

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  21. tip: you can use aloe vera gel for maintenance to tighten the dread.

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  22. you can also use aloe very gel for maintenance to tighten the dread.

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  23. Aye! Im tryn to get in touch wit all the dread head vets out there. Im 18 and ijus started my dreads last sunday. My hair wus 3 to 4 inches wen i got them. I have gud hair so mine is curling and untwisting n wont stay twisted. Do i jus leav it alone till a certain amount of time or shud i start lookin for materials to hold it together??

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  24. Hello knotty brothers!!! I’ve got dreads for 5 months and they’re really starting to lock up but also starting to look really dry so i was wondering if y’all know a homemade recipe to make my dreads look more healthy or shiny and one to make my hair stronger cause it kinda lookz weak in the tips… thanks!!!

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  26. hello i am half caste and want dreds my hair is curly but they are long curls i have a few natural dreds and i am looking for a recipe to make my hair dred faster does any one have any recipes or tips so that i can achieve a full head of dreds peace to all thank you

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    • hey im drew, yeah twist whatever amount of your hair you want dreaded, then get the smallest crochet needle and dtart from the root and go in and out the sidedm and keep twistin as you do it all the way to the tip, i put my dreads in exacty a year and a half agao and they locked up instantly when i did tht, you should really try it, you can buy the needle at wallmart for 98 cent…..

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      • My dreads have been done the same way but i went to a lokktician to get them done. No wax which is great, i am mixed race too so have really curly course hair but thats great for the crochet method

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  27. Hi, I am starting my Dread Journey and am white, have long-ish thick asian type hair with a slight kink. My first dread I have completed through back combing and palm rolling secured with bands. 5 hours later and ah crap its all fallen out but not at the root. SO I sectioned, and tight platted the hair, washed with residue free soap and dried for two days. Taking them out one by one and applying the rip and twist has given me amazing results. Still banding at the tips but for people with stupid hair like mine I hope this helps you. Oh and the salt water lemon spray is amazing. Thank you so much.

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  28. Using wax isnt a bad thing. everyone just tends to use too much. all you really need is a small amount spaced apart every couple of days. youre not trying to build a dreadlock out of wax, the wax is only used to hold it in place while it locks up. Once theyre locked stop using the wax.also never stop palm rolling your dreads, thats what helps keep them tight.
    the lemon juice sea salt water and tea recipe works great! also if you dont want to pay $25-$30 for a tub of wax you can easily make your own with pure beeswax and coconut oil (its a bit of a soft solid white substance so you have to melt it too). just put 3 parts beeswax and one part coconut oil in an oven safe container and put it in the oven on 300 until it melts (only a few minutes!) then mix them together, pour it into something and let it cool. all these things can easily be found at most food stores, health food stores, or online for not much money.
    hope this helped!

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  29. i’ve had my locks a little over a year now, and there growing rapidly….i ready love the dreads and the way they process :)

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  30. My dreads are about 2.5 months old. I have naturally curly hair and they are now just barely starting to lock in areas of the dread. This is a long and tedious process so you’ll need a lot of patience. I have heard it can take up to six months to get them to start locking. Hang in there if you really want them.

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  32. I have soft curly hair, I have just started my locks and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow; i have been using cream wax and locking gel & my hair is locking a little but not much at all; I am worried they wont lock. Its just soft and looks like i just comb twisted the & the bottom keeps untwisting. I dont know what to do… I know it will take time but i wonder what can be done to at least keep the hold.

    I am going to try the recipe.. I really appreciate this site. Peace and blessings all! I will let you know the progress at 6 weeks.

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  33. Does the mix of sea salt,and water have to stay hot whole your spraying It on your dreads,and also how can you tell when its working,and how long does it take to start working(Locking Acclerator)

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  34. Lol, go to Jamaica or hawaii, get some natural sea salt in em. Just being on the beach will lock em up real nice ;)

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  35. dreads are all about patients :) Good luck 2 my fellow rastas on this site.. ONE LOVE!! <3

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  36. thanks for the recipe! i am just starting my dreads but my hair is very curly and my dreads keep curling How can i get them to dread straight down?

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  37. does the water have to be hot or warm?
    can it be cold too?

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  38. 1. saturate some salt by adding some sea salt to just boiled water until no more will disolve
    2. put this in a sterilized glass bottle (use as salty solution for making dreadly spray
    3. mix 25mls of salty solution to every 100mls of boiled water to make up dreadly spray
    4. Alaw to cool naturally on the bench (not in the fridge)
    5. Add to a spray bottle
    6. only spray the tips of your dreads (do not spray on the scalp) once or twice a day
    7. If scalp irritation occurs reduce the salty soluition amount in the mix to suit your skin type
    Thats it

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  39. This might be a really stupid question, but I got my dreads yesterday. I used the backcombing (loosely like the one from knottyboy video) and twist ting with the dreadwax. I have been palm rolling the ones I could see which seem to be holding together. They look pretty loose but I am not panicking as everyone says dreads will get completely loose before they retighten. However, my question is this: Can I use regular salt to add in a mix as locking accelerator? Or does it have to be sea salt? Also if I put regular salt in water, does it become seal salt? Or is there different accidity levels or something? I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I have done serveral weeks of research and want my locs as amazing as can be in the shortest time possible. However, I can not find ANYTHING on whether I can use regular salt or not.

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  40. U can also mix apple cider vinegar and water to cleanse and give your locs a nice fragrance. Olive oil amd water is good for shine. Any other home remedies let me know.

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  42. you all were very helpful!!!!! i have been growing my locks for 7 months now and i have been getting them professionally done by a natural stylist,and am wanting to attempt to re-twist my new growth my self next time. please help! i am a professional cosmetologist and was wanting more info on lock maintenance and how to keep them moisturized properly… locks are not like chemically enhanced hair and i am open for some knowledge! thanks

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    • Your dreads grew together in one big clump because you still have to seperate them before they “congo” into one big clump!! The neglect/natural method only means NO PRODUCTS used! Wash, seperate, play in the forest/ocean, whatevers your thing. Dreadlocks are actually our hairs natural state. Hair WILL lock up into beautiful, mature dreads all on its own but obviously you still have to seperate it where it starts growing together!!! It would be some amazing magic stuff there if dreads just magically grew in perfect cylinders naturally..come on now, think about it! Love, peace & dready happiness to you & yours. Good luck on all future journeys!

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  45. the best way to dread your hair is leave it alone.. dont use wax, especially cheap wax with petrol. twist it up, maybe back comb it a little.. use the sea salt and water recipie on your dreads, not your scalp.. as it says.. and wait… wait.. and wait some more. dreads take time and “instant dreads” will usually be unhealthy and not so ideal. dread perms can also be an expensive way to achieve dreadlocks, but again, putting chemicals and whatnot in your hair will damage it and may not be so good in the long run

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  46. Thanks for the recipe…works like a charm…i used 2 tsp of seasalt, maybe a quarter of lemon juice and a quarter of water. i sprayed it on and instantly my locks felt tighter…thanks so much.

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  47. i put twist and lock gel in my hair when i get my dreads retwisted… I noticed that my hair grows faster and fuller without beez wax…

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  48. just stop combing! and use castille soap or at least non conditioning shampoo. Let nature do the rest i.e. natty dreads!! Mine are going on 18 months and my hair is %85 dreaded… Patience, hygiene and perseverance.

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  49. i will have to try this recipe thing everyone’ boasting about. However people, please please overstand real dread locs is not an overnight hairstyle so some patience is need

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  50. Lauren 5-10-2010 is right… that’s the Jamiacan way to start a dread…. Rasta!!!

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  51. I used 2 and a half cups of hot water, works great :]

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  54. Has anyone researched the crochet method. Its really amazing and fast and NO chemicals.

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  55. how much water do you use??

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  56. i am researching on how to dread for my little sister and we are trying to find out the easiest and cheapest way to do this do we really have to get all of these products or can we just use the recipie above and bees wax and back come her hair to get good dreads her hair is very straight and we braid it all the time but how well will dreads turn out if her hair is very straight ?

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  57. I made a big mistake by twisting, backcombing, hairspray, twist, backcomb, hairspray.
    What should I do?

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    • you can try the crochet method.

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  58. im constructing a site that will tell you everything to do with making PERFECT DREADS, so keep on your toes, i dont sell anything and every bit of info i give out on this site is free. you dont even need to sign up =] i also have a few more recipies for things to do with dreads.
    and a secret with the spray, try adding a tea bag to the hot salty water before you spray it. the tea leaves give yur dreads a nice soothing bath, it smells nice, and the antioxidants and minerals from the tea leaves moisturize and repair your hair without slowing the locking up process! <3 keep dreading kids, if you want the link to my site, keep your eyes on this page, as i’ll post the link a.s.a.p.

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    • What kind to tea are you using/suggesting? I have heard that tea tends to make your hair TOO conditioned and too smooth and it then hinders the process a little bit…

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    • what is the site??

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    • this is just what i need,plus how much water do you use,everyone saying warm water and 2 to 3 teaspoons of sea salt,but I haven’t read ths amt.of water to use.

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  59. I’ve used this recipe before the 1st year of my dreadlocks 4 years ago and IT WORKS. The thing I didn’t do was melt the ss in hot water. I will do that now that I’m on new set of locs. Thanks for the recipe and coments.

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  60. sea salt is at any groceryt store in spice section..

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  61. i have had mine for 10 months also, and a great home made solution is an empty spray bottle with 2-3 tablespoons sea salt to hot water, shake to melt the salt and then spray on dreads, not your scalp… works great!!!!!!!!

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  62. i made my own accelerator with this recipe, and it worked very well. ALTHOUGH do not use too much salt or spray too much on your dreads or youll end up with a gross looking white salty residue. good luck!

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  64. hey man well me and my friend have just recently opend a business on dreading peoples hair, we call r selves ALODALOCKS well i was lookin through ur comment and all u need to do is backcomb then palm roll , repeat this every other day or even every day until ru dreads feel secure u could even put ellastics at the tip and roots of each dread to make sure the dreads grow into that shape
    peace and love

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  65. i wanna grow dreads naturally. i tried the wax before and it was to sticky and nasty. i have just been neglecting my hair for about 2 months now, washing it with nag champa bar soap. the tips are slowly starting to dry and knot up. could you give me any advice or tips that will help me lock up?

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  66. I am trying to make my hair dread locked since the last 10 monthes.But,the only thing I can get to make my hair dready is WAX.I coudn’t get other stuffes in my area,on the other hand i can’t afford the price to buy from foriegn.So,could you help me showing the way HOW TO MAKE A HOME MADE STUFFES FOR DREADLOCKS? MANY THANKS!

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