Q. How long should my hair be to start dreads?

A. If you are using a good all-natural dread wax, you can start dem dreads with hair as short as 3 inches long. It is difficult, but not impossible, and the dreads actually turn out better in the end when started short. They will be very short dreads, kind of Buckwheat-style for a while, but that’s supa cute if you ask me. However, the longer the hair is to start out with, the easier it will dread in the beginning.

And without Knotty Boy, no less than 6 inches to start dreads – they won’t hold together if it’s any shorter.

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  1. Hey, I have naturally ringlety extremely curly hair. I’m white and I have the curliest hair I know (or have ever seen, in fact) that isn’t on an African person. I’m into various styles of music, and because I like heavy metal I had my hair relaxed to conform to that type of hair stereotype. It is now wavy/curly, but still grows back curly and I need to get the re-growth touched up. Would my chemically treated hair take to dreadlocks? I’m pretty sure my natural hair would, so would it be worth shaving and growing my hair out again naturally?

    Currently I’ve been growing it for 2 years and the hair goes down to my nipples, that is a similar length to the length of dreads I’d like. Any advice/tips would be appreciated, thanks. 😀

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  2. nice but can i get an accelerator my hair didn’t grow so well

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  3. My 16th birthdays coming up and I want to renew myself . Should I lock my hair Up?

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  5. Im thinking about gettind dreds, but I have a shag right now (its pretty long, past my pits) and really layered. is it possible to dread that? And should i grow my bangs out first?

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  6. can i get extensions then dread it all?

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  8. I’m currently waiting for my hair to get to the point where it is long enough to dread. If my hair is around 3 inches, maybe a little longer, how long will my dreads be?

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