Q. When I sleep, all the dreads at the back of my head get squished and pressed against my head in weird positions, and also I get a bunch of stray hairs floating around back there. Am I maybe using too much or not enough dread wax?

A. This problem of flat dreads is very common with new, soft dreadlocks started with dreadlock wax. They are still really just hair glued together, and haven’t yet started developing into the tight, matted knots that make dreads. So when they are still soft, they will get squashed and fall apart sometimes. The best thing for them is just patience and backcombing to make them tighter when you have the chance. It’s a pain, but worth it. The flat dreads eventually join others and fill out as they tighten up – they will not be flat forever. It’s just another one of those little tests of endurance that make you so glad it’s all over once they really start rocking. Don’t worry about it too much, and just use enough wax to keep them stuck together in the beginning.

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  1. dont use wax its bad for the hair. backcombing is fine but the wax will just sit there.

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