Famous People with Dreadlocks

Is there any hairstyle that could rock harder? I think not. Mohawks? Neon dyed hair? These rock, but not like dreadlocks. Dreads just radiate attitude and individuality. You can’t attend a good rock show without seeing multitudes of dreads on crazy cats wandering around. Short dreadlocks, long ass dreadlocks, bright pink dreads. (Even The Simpsons had an episode with a cat with dreadlocks, and NOTHING rocks more than the Simpsons!) The rock subculture of North America is inundated with knotty heads of all shapes and sizes. But it is the dreadlocks adorning the musicians themselves that really immortalize the style. It is the dreadlocks on the rock stars of our age that send the ass-kicking factor of dreads through the roof.

I can’t remember the first time I saw dreads, but I knew since a young age I had to have them. They looked so knotty and rad. Dreadlocks just stood out as an independent statement that was neither rebellious nor conforming, it wasn’t a fashion, yet dreads are so damn styling. And for me, a guitar playing high school boy, dreadlocks seemed to call out to me in the night, calling my name.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley in Concert at the Roxy Theater in 1979

Obviously, Bob Marley is the dreadlock-adorned rock star of all time. His dreads remain unmatched, his music remains unsurpassed. He is a legend. One thing that is way, way cool is that you see the progress and growth of his dreads via his record covers. His first major label album Catch a Fire features a Marley with some baby dreads, and from there they grow and mature like a mane of pure soul power. His life is a unique blessing that is truly a gift from God to the world.



P.O.D rock. They are everything a great band should be. And more than that, their spiritual nature is a blessing. Their faith is strong, and their message stronger. They make faith in God cool, which is the hardest thing to do in this world (yet the most appropriate thing in the Universe!). Musically, they rock so hard AND surprised everyone with a huge break-through album.

Faith No More

Drummer Mike Borden of Faith No More

One of my favorite drummers of all time is Mike Bordin of Faith No More. This dreaded drummer is a powerful creative madman. Everyone should listen to Faith No More, they are pure rock music rock! His knotty dreadlocks down to his drum stool, and this man pounds his drum set with fierceness. Mike’s dreads are almost too long to really whip around while he plays, but they drape down his back like a lion’s mane. Frankly, he looked super cool. He is/was a big influence on me wanting to get dreadlocks.

Zach De La Rocha

Zach De La Roche performing at Rock at the Ring, Nuremberg, Germany, 2000

Zack from Rage. What can I say, a revolutionary, an artist, a man for all seasons. Sometimes the whole political angle outshines the music of Rage Against the Machine, but behold, Zack is one of the raddest MCs. His lyrics, his delivery. Fire! And his dreadlocks are super cool. I met him once, too.

Lenny Kravitz


Another phat set of dreadlocks are, or were, Lenny Kravitz’s. The first time I saw them was during the Let Love Rule era. Lenny’s dreadlocks were almost divine. He epitomized everything being a killer rock star was all about. I felt like I was never a big fan of him, but every single song I have ever heard of his I have really felt it. I really like him. And his dreadlocks look fly with all the vintage guitars and styles he sports. I heard Lenny speak about when his dreads were cut off. He went to his very fine friend and lub of his life Lisa Bonnet’s house, and she looked straight into his eyes, saw something and told him they had to cut his dreads off. He said he blew it off, but she was serious. So off they came one day. New Lenny.


Brandon Boyd of Incubus

One for the ladies, Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Brandon has since cut his locks, like Lenny, but he had his dreadlocks hayday. Incubus rock, they are a great band. The time signatures, the music shifts, it is all so awesome. Truly a great band that somehow made it through the evil rock machine and got known. I for one am super glad they did. Brandon’s dreads rock, but thank goodness the moustache left when the dreads did. Just say no to moustaches.


The band Korn - 3 members with dreadlocks!

Korn. The super popular group of the sad ‘n’ angry generation. Great music, but Jon is such a whiner and a terrible lyricist. He is just milking the depressive tendencies of youth, he has no real talent, he just whines it up a lot. Oops, did I say that out loud? But he has dreads that the whole world loves, but Munky has better dreadlocks. Munky really rocks, super great guitar playing. The whole band is really tight and damn heavy. And they all have kooky hair, now that I think about it.

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  1. Brian Fair (Shadows Fall)-probably the sickest set of dreads I’ve seen onstage.

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  2. My son do have dread for about 5 years. He is 22 graduated with triple major in polo science, Int Relation and AM study. Since last year he is looking for a job no body wants to hire. His father is on him every single day to cut his hair or else no body will hire black man with dread. As a mom I beg you to help my son please! He is smart handsome young black man. Thank you for reading my comment.

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  3. Barry Kerch of Shinedown has some amazing dreads as well! Been growing them for about 20 or so years and has said he will never cut them :)

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    • Barry has the BEST dreads I’ve ever seen!

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  5. Jonathan davis is one of the best musicians I know of, he doesn’t whine, he is expressing his feelings and emotions, and he’s saved countless numbers of people’s lives from doing what you call “whining”

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  6. Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah

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  7. Um…Spencer Chamberlain anybody?
    R.I.P. Underøath.

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  8. Chino Moreno from deftones also had some dreadies !!! Nice post :)

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  9. Terry Balsamo from Evanescence!

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  10. What about Damian marley??????

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  11. add P-NUT the bass player for 311
    its a must!

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  12. how yall forget the new artists with dreads.?
    lil wayne
    t pain
    waka flocka
    all dhem!!!!

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      • wow lol wow lmao, what is too many black people? was the goal to list as many people of any other ethnicity?

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  13. You forgot the most awesomest dreads of all, THE BAD BRAINS!!!!

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  17. Luciano has really nice dreads too!

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  18. How come no one has mentioned arguably the greatest drummer of all time travis barker he had a dreads era as well as rob zombie he also had amazing dreads for a long time

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    • that song wasn’t about his dad, it was about him telling his dad and he didn’t believe him.

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  20. i jus put on myn few weeks ago and am loving them..i caint wait to grow them

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  21. Bomfunk MC’s were the group that first introduced me to the idea of dreads… Had mine for a while now and love them.

    Each one is individual and almost have there own personalities… Amazing!!!

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  22. TRACY CHAPMAN!! Beautiful locks.

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  23. Early 90’s, seeing the handsome Noah on “All my children”, I decided I would no longer relax my hair and immediately began my loc journey.

    Haven’t looked back and still rocking locs!

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  24. BOB MARLEY <3

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  25. Raz from Tim and Eric! (aka Sam Proof)

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    the others just to keep pace with trends and the others are just for fashion.but the famous person who is dreadlocks is Bob Marley.

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  27. It is really becoming a trend here. And the stereotyping of people with dreads is diminishing fast. And we have them to thank for. Anyway, where can I buy those special oil and shampoo for dreads?

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    • not sure about the oils dready but if you want to swim check out swimdreads.com or aquapride.org for a swim cap for dreadlocks.

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  28. I believe Bob Marley started it in the mainstream. But in today’s time it is becoming more and more popular. I heard that there are certain oils and other regimens to maintain this kind of hair. I wonder how do they shampoo it?

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    • most dreadies use a special non conditioning shampoo, personaly i wash mine with bicarb and patchouli oil :)

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