Q. I’ve got really curly hair, and my dreads started really fast, but my dreads tangle up with each other and get out of control. What’s the best way to keep them tamed?

A. You will notice after your dreads have been really nice and formed for a good year or so, that some of your dreads are suddenly starting to grow together into weird branching jumbo-dreads. If they are attaching themselves to other dreads, like three growing into one big one, you can either rip or cut them apart. Other than that, just make an effort to separate them from each other every day, like comb them with your fingers, etc., esp. underneath your hair, close to your neck.

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  1. thank you thank you thank you aaron. through the years (almost 13) i have twisted, braided, etc, etc until i got over the madness and like you just let it go.

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  2. dreadlocks shouldn’t be a fasgion statement. Separating your locks is not natural. the whole point of letting your hair lock up is because this is the way of nature. I am letting my locks grow and many little ones come together from napps to dreads to congo locks. Ya know?

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