If there is one variety of hairstyles that has truly withstood the test of time, then it has to be that of dreadlocks hairstyles. From time immemorial (probably from the time when hair was discovered as a part that could be leveraged upon to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wearer), dreadlock hairstyles have always been considered a mark of distinction. Of course, in the recent decades – and that is basically starting from the sixties up to date – dreadlock hairstyles have received a great boost from the various subcultures that came to adopt them as a part of their identity, common examples of those subcultures that wore dreadlock hairstyles as a part of their identity being the Rastafarian culture (which started in the Caribbean islands before spreading to the rest of the world), as well as the alternative metal subculture – which while originally a ‘rockish’ music style, quickly grew into a sub-culture by its own right, complete with a distinct identity.

It is noteworthy, though, that while dreadlock hairstyles are widely associated with these sub-cultures, they are not exclusive to them (which is contrary to what many people have come to believe). This is to say that, for instance, being spotted with dreadlocks does not automatically mean that you subscribe to the Rastafarian faith, because when all is said and done, the dreadlocks remain just a variety of hairstyles. If you fancy the distinctive look that dreadlock hairstyles confer then, you should not hesitate from getting it thinking that you will come across as being a subscriber to one or another faith or sub-culture. Dreadlocks are just a way of styling hair, and it is upon you, once you have the hairstyle in place to put meaning into it – where, depending on your intentions in getting them, they could be anything from ‘just another type of hairstyle, meant for aesthetic appeal’ to a sign of belonging to one or another subculture associated with them.

Noteworthy too is the fact that although dreadlocks tend to look the same to the casual observer (with differences only being in things like length of the locks), it turns out that there is a great variety of dreadlocks hairstyles to choose from, each with its own distinctive look. The implication here is that if you grow your hair to a length which makes it possible to be worked into locks, you can then have a great variety of specific styles to choose from (so that you don’t grow your hair to such a length imagining that you will end up limited in terms of styles into which to work the hair). Even by the most conservative estimates, there would be at least two dozen of dreadlocks hairstyles, so there is indeed a great variety to choose from.

Then again, with regard to dreadlock hairstyles, it should be noted that all it takes to grow the locks is not just letting hair to grow to ones back; but rather that quite a lot of labor goes into treating and braiding the hair to grow into the desired locks. Of course, the reward for this labor is the distinctive look the dreadlocks confer, as mentioned earlier.

Author: Jamie Gram
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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  1. I love hair dreadlocks

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  2. Its good to know your body to a point that you realise what foods helps what parts of yor body to grow/change/develop. for instance AI realised that when I eat bananas, carrots and drink milk, mu hair and nails will grow rapidly.

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  3. Ive been growing my dreads for 11 yrs,they are now about 50 cms and im finding them difficult to style them. Any suggestions?

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  4. Hey, was wondering if it is possible to style dread the first time you start twisting them at the salon

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  5. i want my dreads to grow.what shall i do or use?

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  6. ive been growing my locks for 4 years now and im in love with my hair plus knowing the history it changed my way of veiwing beauty i have created many of my own styles am about to create my own website where tips and different veiws can be given

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  8. i love dreadlocks hairstyle.look very nice

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  9. didnt find anything to see far as styling short dreads

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