This is Elizeu, and he is wicked awesome!

In a couple of years, you’ll be calling him Dr. Elizeu, once he’s finished up his freakin’ PhD in science! Yeah, dude. I so wish that Becca had been here so that Theoretical Science (her true calling) and real, actual science could go head-to-head in a battle to the death! (I’d bet on Becca – she fights dirty. No offense. )

Here’s the handsome (soonish) Dr. after six hours and sixty three dreadlocks. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a spike in Computer Science enrollment at the university level in the next couple days! We spent all day chatting back and forth about all kinds of stuff – even though I brought up the inevitability of the computers rising up to kill us all a la Terminator. (He was very nice about it.) Now I head home, and totally not worry about my GPS trying to kill me.

Cross Post from: Scissor Ninja. A specialist in dreadlocks, synthetic dreads, and hair extensions, Kris spends her days rocking out killer hair from behind the chair at the The Dreadquarters.

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  1. I’ve had dreadies for almost 4 years. I wash my dreadies with soap and water and groom them straight with a cat comb.. they tend to get croocked and grow socks on the bottoms if i dont.. it helps to get a lengh. I dont wax mine anymore.. but they are doing great. I had a perm put in my dreads when i got them, and those suckers are never coming out. i had them down to my butt when i got them, had them cut off to my shouders a few years later, and they grew back. i dont want them out right now anyway.. i love my dreads. thanks for making this great dreadie site. Peace out!

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  2. it seems like my dread be shrinking

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  3. I’m sure this isn’t the place to post and ask questions but I dont know where to do that. Anyways I just started m dreads I’m going on my second month so ofcourse I’m not locked yet. And I had only been growing my hair for five months before I had got twisted so his makes month sixth and my twist are still relatively short. Hopefully my hair locks within the next month or two. I heard that it was good to start off short. I’m just looking for any helpful tips.

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  4. Elizeu's dreads will approximately double in size over the coming months, puffing up to the size HE wants them. Contary to what you seem to think, these are very lightly backcombed and crocheted, and they aren't twisted at all. You might want to check your facts (ie, read the blog sometime) before you start posting comments based strictly on your bias. Just a thought.

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  5. euuughhh… knotty boy, too thin, backcombed harshly, twisted with wax. :(. poor guy

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