Q. I have fairly short (3 inches approx) hair and it’s very silky. I want to dread it, but I’ve tried before and it just slides right out. How should I even start?

A. Using an all-natural, good quality wax will help, tons in fact, because it will give your very soft hair much more texture and something to work with. I would use the wax and just smooth it over your hair, before you start dreading, to give it some weight and texture. And use a very fine comb! Those both should help considerably. And for longer, straight hair, try braiding it wet a day before dreading to give it some kinkiness and texture, too.

Q. My hair is pretty smooth and slippery, how can I make it easier to dread. Besides braiding it the night before?

A. Well, this one comes from our knotty friend Alan:

“Hail Knotty People, I’ve been pumping out hair for 15 years so far, and when I read your suggestion about braiding long hair a day before dreading I had a suggestion for you to try that has worked for me. Use a hair crimper prior to dreading, it works great. It’s faster and easier than the day before braids.”

You can also, after washing your hair the night before with just bar soap, before you get out rinse salt water through your hair, towel dry, braid it, and then the next day you should have some triple-action texture going on that will make it perfect for dreading up!

  1. No Wax isn’t the worst thing you can do to a dread silly. It is a hair product. Like any hair product – if you follow the instructions it will do its job. Simply a preference. Chill.

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  2. Absolutely not. Wax is THE WORST thing you can do to a dread. do not listen to this article.

    if you need help, check out this community, they really know their stuff over here: http://get-up-dread-up.livejournal.com/profile

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  3. i’ve really enjoyed your informative website. the one thing i am looking for, however, is an actual description of how to make a dread. literally, after partitioning the hair what do you do and how do you do it? thanx

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