Q. I have had dreads for about two years now, but they never seem to get any longer. Is this normal and is there anything I can do to make them longer?

A. Well, the first thing that I can tell you about your dreads not growing is… dreadlocks sometimes shrink. I have a friend who’s had his dreads for over 2 years himself and his dreads are still getting tighter and shorter, a.k.a. shrinking. So I wouldn’t sweat it, this is all normal. Eventually they get as tight as they are gonna, and then you’ll notice them growing again.

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  1. i wanna grow dreads naturally. i tried the wax before and it was to sticky and nasty. i have just been neglecting my hair for about 2 months now, washing it with nag champa bar soap. the tips are slowly starting to dry and knot up. could you give me any advice or tips that will help me lock up?

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