Q. My hair is naturally curly and I’ve noticed little loops or ‘flaps’ forming in the middle and near the roots that you can see through. Is there anything I can do about them?

A. I think it just happens naturally, just one of those weird dread-things that they tend to do… don’t try to understand them, just gotta love them for what they are. :) And if they are really bugging you and won’t cause your dread to unravel, just try snipping it off.

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  1. you can pull the dread through the loop and pull tight,best to leave makes the dread more natural,most of mine have them and i just leave them,if it stops dreading above the loop just knot it above the loop,enjoy your dreads for what they are.

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  2. My jewfro tries to escape, the big loops i’ve started to sew close to the dread with black thread…since i have black hair. i think it will work fine.

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