Q. Do you happen to know anything about dread breakage? I’ve been bleaching my dreadies for some time now, so using a good dread wax once a week seems to condition them well. But I’ve noticed that they still are often dry…and I’ve heard stories of dreads breaking off. Should I be using oil as well?

A. Hmm… yeah, warm oil probably wouldn’t hurt if you’re really concerned about it. Try jojoba oil from the health food store. But dreads are typically quite dry anyway – maybe next time you see someone with healthy-looking dreads, ask if you can feel them to compare texture, etc. to try and determine whether or not you should be concerned about their condition.

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  1. Hi. My thinly boxed locks are 6 years old come this November. Collars get greasy, soiled, and locks sometimes very HOT and heavy…zippers caught, etc.
    So I keep them cut just at top of my shoulder. Tie up at night. Very fine in top toward middle. …thyroid disease. Falling, thinning hair was one of first symptoms. My doctor says Rogaine willike make it grow back…BUT…if I ever stop using it ALL hair will fall out! Gonna be 60 in two weeks. Maybe I should cut locks off and go-fro?!p

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  2. YES THEY BREAK OFF As a result of bade dye job,l stress and meds I HAVE LOST my locs in the middle to the center back.

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  3. this is my fourth/fifth time having dreadds and is also the first time ive had any breakage. its the first time ive used a proper dread comb and was wondering if i was just over tightening/combing my dreads and if this could be causing the breakage?

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  5. Protein black gel and a good wash once a week during breakage always solves my loc problems. Once i do this, i let nature do all the rest.

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  6. My dreads is good its just this one thts in the front rte corner of my hair line it keeps breaking how do I put it in and keep it in HELP!!!!

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    • mine too keeps breaking off in the top front my hair is getting nice length in the back and on the sides but the top front is hideous

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  7. My sides and the back of my dreads are going well.It’s the top that keeps breaking. What should I do? I don’t wanna cut them.

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  8. I had a problem with breaking dreads from the roots, I live in AZ so its very dry. I started taking multivitamin called hair skin and nails and it makes my hair grow like CRAZY and gives you health skin to support your dreads so the new growth is nice and healthy, also rubbing aloe Verde or jojoba oil into the roots and scalp helps.

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    • which brand? when you google ‘multivitamins called hair skin and nails’ lots of brands come up –thanks a bunch

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    • emily your dreads are breaking sorry but for sure i know there is something wrong you are doing to your hair normally when dreads are growing longer hair tend to break a long the way despite the fact its is intact u it will take u long to notice be keen with your hair and try to use proper treatments ie.coconut oil can be of use..

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    • Hello thanks for you suggetion I will be moving to AZ I purchased a home on the West side in Buckeye I live in Washington DC now and as soon as I get the house rented here I will be on my way can you tell me the mulivitamin you are taking and the name brand sounds like something I would like to try

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  9. I have had yarn braids for a yr and a half now, my real hair is dreaded about 5 inches now. I have noticed the ones at the temples arent as strong. I bought a bag of human afro kinky hair. Its about 20bucks a pack but a little goes a LONG way. In areas where my dreads have thinned or snapped of due to being pulled to tightly, i repair them with the afro kinky hair and it naturally matts and fills it in. Part of the problem can be that whoever parted your hair in the 1st place may have made the sections too small, that equals skinny thin weak dreads. Mine range from medium to small, all of my thicker dreads are strong and healthy…the thinner ones give me problems. Also I gave up on the twisting method. My hair is kinky now that i stopped relaxing HOWEVER the twists never stayed, they looks neated and less frizz but they always came undone. Now i tighten using a nappylocs tool. Its easier but your dreads can end up with gaps and they frizz easier.

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    • Its usually like that for young dreads…

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  11. man my dreads all jacked up one day woke up with half my head on fire Thinking somebody put a spell on my damn dreads… >: (

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  13. I have very fine hair with a lot of split ends and a lot of breakage. I started using Shielo’s Hydrate Shampoo at the recommendation of my hair stylist. I really notice a difference when I don’t use it because my hair is much more knotty and gets tangled more easily. I noticed a huge reduction in split ends, and it makes my hair so much smoother. I paid a lot more for it at the salon, so I was happy to find it online at Shielo’s website at a lower price. I bought two of them!

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  14. My challenge is the two temple areas at the front of the head – the dreads there just always fall off. They have no strength at their root in that area. All the other dreads are strong

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  15. Had dreads for 7 yaears and now are brittle and breaking off and my scalp is very dry with dandruff is thar the problem because I’ve had this dry scalp problem for years and my hair seems to be OK, and I also wash MT hair with Gain detergent. Has this caught up with me

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  16. ive heard stories about twisting the root of the dread too much will lead to your dreads thinning and maybe even falling out is this true?

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  17. Check out http://www.dreadcap.com also go to youtube and look up dread cap.

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  18. I have had my dreads for about 4 years. They have not broken off in any way. All I do is leave them alone for a while like 2 weeks my hair is naturally oily so I don’t use a lot of Let’s Dread Oil maybe twice a month. I wash it as offten as i want to about once a week. I twist my hair by using a fine tooth comb to pack some of the loose hair from the root (this is part of the lock) then I twist them enough to feel like a small rope (straight but tight) then I put the bees wax arount the part I just twisted, then the clip. I do all this while my hair is damp. after that I put my hair in a bonnett hair drier for about a half hour on medium or as hot as I can stand it. Depending on where I am going the next day I will leave the clips in over night wraped up in a scarf. I start taking them out front to back because I put them in back to front. I do die my hair honey blond but only once a year. I do not know how to begin locks because I had it professionaly done for about two months( sprry). Dreads do not need a lot of chemicals. I stay away from gel and regular hair washes and condishoner or anything with patrolium. I use lets dread shampoo and condishoner.

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  19. I’ve had a healthy head of locs up until the last year, during which I have (and am) enduring repetiive cycles of high stress. As a result, my locs are breaking like crazy, from the root and at the ends. Its much worse on one side than the the other. I’ve been using essential oils every other day, and Apoghee Treatment once a week. I am seriously trying to save them, but fear I may have to cut them off and start over. Any advise will help.

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  20. i have a question i have had dreads 3 4 times because i wuz tryin 2 have perfect dreads and they always seem 2 break from me twisting them to much but the ones i have now are perfect except a small corner is there neway u think i can fix them without starting over

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  21. what do i need to do??

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  22. i been locking my hair up for bout 6months now and something when im playing with my dreads i feel areas where it feels like the hair has came out of the dread and is short, is that a sign of breaking??

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  23. If you have a lock with a really thinning bit a little tip for fixing it is, (I call it scaffolding) take a bit off the bottom of an long dread and brush it out a bit or buy some human hair for hair extentions take a small but reasonably sized amount of the hair and roll it around in your hands like your making a ball and then wrap the knotty ball around the thinning part. Useing a very small crochet hook pick at the new hair until it is all pulled into and around the dread and if its the same colour you should not be able to tell its there. It will thicken up the thin bit and hold it in place so no snaping (scaffolding)
    Yet another reason for the crochet hook. its the perfect tool for every dread dilema. :)

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  24. I have a ritual with my locs. I tie my hair up every night. When I get up I shake me locs spray essential oils to my hair and go. During the summer I do it twice a day oppose to the winter time. Then about every 4 days I add oils w/o water and do scalp massages that really helps, gets the circulation going and natural oils moving right along!

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    • This information is very helpful. How long have your hair been loced? Also, what is the texture of your hair?

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  25. How often are you latching? How much tension are you putting when you latch them? Over twisting, palm rolling and excessive tightness will thin your locks. The best thing is to leave your hair alone and let it do its own thing.

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  26. I have been growing my dreads for about a year ,and the ends on my dreads aren’t locking. I have tried almost every product there is but they just doesn’t work. What should I do?

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  27. Question:

    Due to the fine texture of my hair, my dreads are pretty thin. They are now shoulder length and every 3-4 weeks I get them tightened with the crochet type hook. Now I am experiencing alot of breakage at the scalp level and, the dread appears to be thinner than ever.
    What could be causing this breakage? Is it the hook approach pulling the lock through the new growth? I am disheartened when I see a dread fall out or snapping off an inch from the scalp. Any suggestions as to what could be the cause. I am in my early 60’s but I don’t lean to baldness. HELP….

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