Coarse hair and small dreads.

Yay! Today’s the day I finally got to meet Jeff!

We’ve been emailing back and forth over the last couple weeks gearing up for the big dread sesh today. I totally knew what look Jeff was going for when he came in, the x factor being what he and his hair already had going on. (Knowing someone wants lots of smallish dreads is daunting enough, but without a personal consult I don’t know if I’m looking at 4 hours of work or 10.) Jeff’s hair was pretty dense, with coarse strands in a nice wave, so I already knew that I could get good sized locks without having to sacrifice a smaller section size. As for the coarseness, I’d have to do a test row.

There’s a misconception out there that coarser hair is easier to dread. Sooooo not the case. I’ll take fine hair over coarse any day of the week. The coarser the actual strand is, the more resistant it is to doing what the hell I tell it to, and staying put. Itabsolutely will dread up, but it’ll take more diligence to keep it that way. I’ve had coarser hair unweave itself in front of my very eyes, and had dread sessions take double the length as I had to crochet everything twice! I have a few tricks up my sleeve for dealing with resistance, hence the test row. Luckily, the first few sections dreaded up a dream; no need to bring out my bag of tricks. We got rolling proper just after 11am.

We finished up tonight at 5. I think I counted 64 dreads, a number we’re both happy with, and in a couple of weeks the coverage is going to be awesome. He’s pretty stoked to show them off, which sorta makes me a proud mama… which is a bit weird, I admit. (But not as weird as ‘Dancing With Cats’, and Jeff’ll back me up on that.)

Cross Post from: Scissor Ninja. A specialist in dreadlocks, synthetic dreads, and hair extensions, Kris spends her days rocking out killer hair from behind the chair at the Knotty Boy salon.

  1. you cant manufacture dreads. “Coarse. Kinky, thick hair”, what ever you want to call it, actually locks up a lot faster then straight hair will. I find some of these statements made kinda offnsive.

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  2. Umm, not to be racist but that asian man does not have coarse hair. The straighter and finer the hair the longer it takes to loc.

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