Q. I was wondering if there were other methods of dreading hair without using dreadlock wax?

A. Yes, there are MANY different ways of doing dreads, and everyone that’s done them has their own special method and combinations of things they do to get them together.

The problem is, though, most of these methods involve putting something sticky in there, and more often than not, it’s a sweet edible of some kind like honey, toothpaste or even pureed mango! Can you say ‘bug picnic’??

Others try by putting straight beeswax in their hair, but most people hate it after trying it once. Who wants candle-head?

And then there is gelatin. Gelatin is a well-known super-holder mostly used by punk rockers to spike up their huge, crazy mohawks, BUT it doesn’t work too well for making dreads because it washes right out and also makes your hair VERY crispy and hard. You can achieve the look of dreads with gelatin for a party for one night, but for the real thing, they can’t be all glued together like that. They need room to move around and get knotted up, and they can’t do that if they are rock-hard.

The most common tried and true methods are either using no product at all (takes more time and the dreads will be randomly sized, not as tidy) or using a dread wax (make sure to use the right amount, greatly speeds up the process, easier to keep looking respectable for work etc).

For the neglect method search google (currently we don’t have a detailed step by step) and, for the dread wax method check out the dreadlocks how to section.

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