I can’t believe how long her hair was, how long she has had her dreads for … and that she kept nearly ALL of her hair. Amazing. This removal was nothing but impressive.

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  1. I have been in the military for 24 years with natural hair. Currently, the new regs require me to remove my dreads again! There are products like Miss Jessies or Mousse that will allow you to slick your hair into a bun. Unfortunately, you will still have to water your hair periodically. Typically when you go and use the latrine (bathroom) is the time that you should water your hair. It can be done! These techniques will allow you to stay within regulation and still feel good about yourself.

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  2. I have had dreads for 15years I would love to be the next test model in dread lock removal my dreads come to my waist

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  3. That’s incredible. I had no idea I could save all my hair. So cool …

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